What does Your Wedding Planner Expect from You?

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wedding planning tipsCongratulations on getting engaged! You are now probably busy thinking whether to hire a wedding planner or not. If you really are, let me tell you, hiring one will make your life tremendously easy. She will look after all the things and you will feel that it’s indeed your day. You won’t have to worry about anything – she will negotiate with and hire (other) vendors, make your guest list, send invites, save-the-dates and RSVP and set everything in budget. However, there are certain things that you will have to provide to your wedding planner – after all, it’s your wedding! Jennifer Matteo, a leading Sarasota Wedding Planner, divulges here what a wedding planner expects from a bride.

Your Budget and Expectations

Of course, this is the most important thing your wedding planner will want to know because she can plan your wedding on that very basis. Also it’s her job to make your expectations realistic. Once she knows your budget, she can help you in keeping aside a set amount for the different elements of the wedding. For example, the expense on bridal dress may be cut a bit and that on a wedding photographer and/or videographer can be increased, because the bridal dress will be worn only for one day, while the photos will remain forever. Obviously, your choice and decisions will be final; but she will be interested to know them.

Have You Any Vendors in Mind?

One of the jobs of your planner is to hire wedding vendors. She will have to find them, negotiate with them and then hire them. In all this process, she would like to know if you have someone particular in mind. For example, you might have heard a wedding band in your friend’s wedding and had loved it and had decided that time to hire it for your wedding.

How Far would You Like to Involve?

Every couple is different. Some couples may like to handle everything to their planner and trust her, while some others would like to check everything the planner has chosen for them, and some others would be keen in checking only some parts, e.g. catering, and leave the rest to the planner. Depending on this, the planner will provide you one of her different types of services like full service, day of coordination or invitation concierge.

What You Loved and Hated about Others’ Weddings?

This is also important to know for a wedding planner because it gives her an idea about your plans and expectations. It enables her to understand your mind and plan your wedding accordingly. Whatever you would talk about is important for you. For example, if you say “I liked the food” or “I hated the decoration”, that means food or decoration is the most important point for you.

Jennifer Matteo is a talented wedding planner and event organizer in Sarasota, Florida, and enjoys her work, meeting brides, knowing about their ideas and making the most of them to plan fairytale weddings for them. She and her team strive to make your ideas come to life.