Which Questions Will You Ask Your Wedding Band?

Posted by on Sep 25, 2013 in Wedding tips |

london wedding bandPerfect music in a wedding creates an appropriate atmosphere required to keep the energy throughout the ceremony and on the dance floor. If you are searching for one of the wedding bands for hire in the UK or anywhere else, you should ask certain questions to them to ensure whether they will do the job as per your desire. This is a set of questions you can ask a wedding band you are thinking for hiring for your big day.

Can We See Your Live Performance?

You should first ensure about the band’s performance if it is really awesome, just as you desire, for which you will have to listen to it. Ask the band organizers for an invitation to one of their performances.

Will You Play Any Song?

You will definitely choose a band to suit your taste of music. Most of the times, the band provides you with a set list of about 100 songs for review. You can request for songs out of this list and they accept it because most of them wish to learn new tunes for the event.

How Many Musicians Play In Your Band?

Typically a band consists of five members – vocals, guitar, drum, bass and keyboards. As per your need, the bands can expand by adding more musicians. However remember that the more musicians you hire, the more costly the band will be. And you also have to remember that sometimes even a duo of musicians can create a heaven of music in your wedding, which you can ensure by listening to their performance.

What preparations Will We Have To Do?

When you hire a band, obviously you need to give them suitable place in your wedding venue to set up their instruments. Ask them what other preparations you will have to make.


Ask the timings of the band thoroughly – their arrival and leaving, how many intervals they will need and at what time etc.

Do You Play Overtime?

For extra charges, most of the bands play overtime. Ensure about it first. This should be included in the contract.

Will You Accept A Dress Code?

By and large, the musicians should be in appropriate dresses for your special day, otherwise they may spoil the elegance of the event. Best is to ask them accept a dress code. If they refuse, better look for another band.

If you enquire all such things with the wedding band, you will avoid most of the confusion and future trouble; and you will enjoy your special day in a true sense on the rhythm of good music.