Why Should You Create a Wedding Website?

Posted by on Feb 28, 2016 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

wedding website templatesAre you finding it difficult to convey all your guests about your wedding updates? What can be a better way to stay connected with them than a wedding website? You can get a beautiful wedding website designed from a talented web designer and developer like ElMotaheda-Web.com. Don’t you believe that a wedding website will add to your comfort? Let me tell you about its benefits.

All Wedding Information at One Place

Once you get your website designed by ElMotaheda-Web.com, it will serve as a great wedding information portal for you. It will be your save the date and RSVP too. You can share all the information like dress code, latest photos and videos.

There are many templates you can choose from and make your website look extremely stylish and beautiful. If you want to choose a unique template style, you can get it customized too. Yes, you can choose a more personalized design and template.

Simple to Complex

You can choose to have a simple website consisting of a single page and if you are more web-pro you may choose to have a complex design for your wedding website with multiple pages with a variety of topics to amuse your guests. But if you choose to have a multipage website, remember that you should give more emphasis on the landing page. You should keep three things in mind:

  1. The couple in the photo should be easily identifiable
  2. The wedding date should be clearly seen
  3. The landing page should contain easy shortcuts to go to other pages

ElMotaheda-Web.com can design an easily navigable site for you, which your guests would love to visit again and again.


Make your website personal. It is not enough to make it look beautiful. It should show others how you are as a couple – fun, non-traditional, or formal and quirky. And it should appeal you as a couple. E.g. too many flowery templates offer a feminine look to the website which may not appeal everyone. Choose colors which you both love. Consider associating your wedding day theme in the design.

Tell Your Love Story

Your website is an excellent means of telling your love story to the world. Your family and friends would love to read how and where you met, what made you to decide to marry, and many such details. This would particularly benefit those of your guests who don’t know the full story.

What after the Big Day?

You might have a question – what to do of the website after the big day? Well, it depends on you, whether to use it to connect regularly to your friends and family or to make money from it. Yes, you can make money by turning your wedding site into a commercial website by promoting products, writing paid reviews, adding Google Adsense to it, receiving ads of your local businesses, and many such ways. ElMotaheda-Web.com can help you in that too.

So, consider having a lovely wedding website and add a charm and excitement to your big day.