Why Shouldn’t You Be Afraid of the Cost of a Live Wedding Band for Your Big Day?

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When it comes to wedding music, a live band is the most preferred option. Reasons are obvious such creating magical environment, crowd pleasing and elegance. But if you are concerned about the cost involved, you should not skip this amazing option just because of the cost factor. Here are things that contribute to the cost and things you can get from a live wedding band that you’ll find certainly worth the cost.

Services Offered by a Live Wedding Band

Of course, the main service provided by a live wedding band is the live music. But in addition, various wedding live band performers in Singapore can offer other services too. For example, the bandleader may work as the emcee for your big day. Thus he’ll make announcements and will “run the event” in general during your reception. It’s also likely that your live wedding band will bring their own audio equipment, such as speakers, microphones and a sound system. You can hire a live wedding band also for other events like after-party or rehearsal dinner, according to your needs and budget.

What Contributes to the Live Wedding Band Cost?

The cost of your live wedding band includes the costs of several things. These are:

Time: The duration for which your band will perform determines the cost. Most live bands charge for a particular number of hours. If you want them to play more than that, e.g. for your after-party or cocktail hour, there are additional charges. Keep in mind that the band will take a few breaks at specified times during your reception. The contract will include this clause. Usually during the break, a single musician will perform or they’ll play recorded music, so as to avoid complete silence. But confirm this.

Number of Performers: The more number of performers, the more will be the cost.

New Songs: If you want any particular songs on your wedding to be played by the band, you may have to pay an extra cost.

Travel: If your wedding band will be coming from a long distance, you may have to pay for their gas, mileage, airfare and/or accommodation.

Extras: Some bands can provide additional things beyond the regular sound system, such as projectors, lighting or other equipment. This will add to the band cost.

Want to Save Money on the Band?

Although you might consider live band as costly, you can save money on them in several ways like keeping the number of hours of performance to a minimum, fewer number of instruments and choosing to get married during an off-season.

So, have you now started planning to hire a live wedding band?