Why to Hire a Professional to Shoot Your Wedding Video?

Posted by on Mar 18, 2014 in Wedding tips |

hiirng a professional wedding-videographerPhotos are gorgeous beyond doubt; that too, your wedding photos are something which are to be cherished for life. But video is entirely different. If you want to catch all the happening of your big day in the camera, there is no better option than your wedding video. For some awesome wedding videos, visit Weddings West Midlands: The West Midlands’ No1 creative team that specializes in Wedding Videos. They don’t just shoot videos, but they creatively and stylistically create a cinematic tale of your special day, displaying the day, slowly unfolding with a personal feel. The reasons for hiring a professional videographer are many.

Real Happening

Wedding photos are great and after 30 years of your marriage, you might be showing them to your children and grandchildren proudly. But they don’t contain the actual action which videos contain. The wedding video catches the real happening of your big day how you hugged your mom, how you cuddled your pet with tears in your eyes, how you and your bridesmaids took a long walk on the beach, how your friends looked at your wedding ring with a never-before enthusiasm, your walk down the aisle, your “I do”, your toasting flutes, your wedding dance, your cutting cake, and your throwing the wedding bouquet! It all can be seen actually happening even after a long time when your future generations too can live those days along with you.

Long and Short Editions

You might or might not know, but it’s interesting to remember that you can have a long and a short version of your wedding video. Because of this you can take the liberty of showing the short version to those who are not interested in sitting for hours looking at how you and your partner were getting ready. For those who are really interested you can show the longer version. Most videographers offer such customized versions – one with only highlights and one detailed.

You can Have Stills Too

All professional videographers provide high-standard stills from your wedding video, so that you can have those special moments available with you.

Live It Again, Enjoy!

Your big day is such a special affair and you spend months for its planning and shopping, but when it actually takes place, it happens so fast, that you actually miss at least some moments of enjoyment. Through your wedding video you can live all the moments again and enjoy. Many couples love to see the video together at a night because they can live that very special day again with a relaxed mind.


Hiring a professional videographer for your big day is more budget-friendly than you think. Just like photographers, videographers too have various packages from which you can choose the best suited for you. You will just have to search around and compare, and find out which is the best; but you will definitely find one who is perfect for you.

A wedding video is the best choice to capture your big day’s memories and share them with everyone, especially with those who couldn’t attend the day. It is also a best option for you to relive the day after years of your happy marriage, to make you feel proud and contented.