Why You Should Hire A Professional Photographer To Shoot Your Wedding, Not A Friend

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foden photographyYou might have thought of saving on your wedding by doing many adjustments, like buying a second-hand wedding dress and jewelry or renting them, organizing the reception at your home with limited number of guests, DIYing decoration and catering, and so on. However, if you are thinking of handling the job of your wedding photography to a friend or relative, think twice; are you really going to AFFORD it? I am saying AFFORD – not in terms of money (you will literally save money), but while watching the pictures of your most beautiful day in the future, do you want to see shaky shots, shots in which you or your groom have gone out of focus, some of your poses which were supposed to be artistic but turned to be ridiculous, and more such heartbreaks? Are you going to afford it in that way?

One thing you will have to agree that everything else of your wedding will wither but not your wedding photos. So, for capturing them, someone really efficient and professional should be hired.

Why A Pro?

Actually only one sentence is sufficient to answer this question – because they are professional!

But if that is not going to satisfy you, here let me elaborate it. Are you going to pay your friend? No. But you will pay a professional! Why? Because it is their profession! And if they want their profession to go on for years, they don’t have any other alternative than delivering great work! If they are taking money from you, they are obliged to do their job excellently, which your friend is not.

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Your friend may deliver great work, but is there a guarantee? On the other hand, a professional photographer is bound to do her/his job perfectly, because firstly, s/he is being paid, secondly s/he wants you to praise her/him to others, so that s/he would get more jobs, s/he would get fame and money, and s/he would be successful in her/his business! So, a professional’s job is guaranteed to be great.

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Handling Situations

Being in profession, a professional photographer has a vast experience of handling difficult situations. S/He is always ready with the required extra gear, lenses, flashes, batteries, memory cards, chargers and all those things that would be needed if the primary camera fails or some such situation arises. If you hire a friend, and her/his camera undergoes failure, would s/he be ready with backup? In 99% cases, no! So, you have to decide if to compromise on some important shots (if the gear of your amateur photographer friend fails at that moment) or get a peace of mind by hiring a professional photographer.

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Other Things

Guarantee of good work and ability to handle difficult situations are two strongest reasons why you should hire a professional wedding photographer and not give the job to your friend. But there are more obvious reasons too, like professional knowledge of photography, insurance, ability to work smoothly with people and other vendors, creativity that they can use while suggesting poses and locations, and many more.

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So, remember to hire a professional photographer for your big day, though you may want to save on other things. Watch the work of an excellent wedding photographer on FodenPhotography.com. Matt Foden is a wedding photographer in Surrey who takes pride in capturing natural photographs, beautifully mixing documentary style and fine art portraits. Enjoy some of his work in this article too.

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