Your Big Day is Incomplete Without Some Non-humans

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dog in weddingWedding is perhaps the happiest moment of one’s life. And we always like to share our happiness with our near and dear ones. But most of the times we forget to share the happiness of our big day with our nearest and dearest four-legged friends. We don’t bring them to our wedding venue, maybe because the operators of the wedding venue don’t have a pet-friendly policy or some guests might have an allergy. But at the back of our mind we keep on remembering them. Our big day is incomplete without these non-humans; so, why not involve them in the happiness by arranging a pet-friendly wedding? Here are some tips.

Ring-bearer or Flower-pet

This is the commonest and most sensible idea to involve your dear pet in the wedding itself. Of course, you need to give your pet a little practice for this. If the pet is well-mannered and intelligent, you won’t find it much difficult. And if it is not, you will need more practice or find some other way. (Note: Make all guests aware that there will be a pet at the wedding, so that any of them is allergic s/he can prepare accordingly.)


Walking down the Aisle

If you are not finding it easy to train your pet to serve as a ring-bearer or flower-pet on your big day, follow the example of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton when the bridesmaid walked the dear dogs of the bride down the aisle at their nuptial. You too can give this responsibility to a wedding party member who can be very friendly with it and walk it down the aisle to get it involved in the wedding. If your bridesmaid or best man is ready to do this job, that can be fantastic. And if the pet is very smart, it can even be trained to escort you down the aisle. At the time of the ceremony, the pet can be kept in a secure carrier where it can spend time with its favorite toy or unwind on a comfortable bed, with a relaxed mind that you are just nearby.

walking down the aisle

Wedding Photos

Essentially involve your pet in the wedding photos, in group photos or specialized photos of you three – you, your spouse and your pet.

photos with pet

Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding is the best for your pet, as it gets plenty of space to roam.

outdoor wedding

Applaud for your Pet

You might have caught cozy moments of your pet in your camera. You can include the screening of a slide-show or video of your pet’s funny and candid acts among the entertainment items for the guests and get applaud for your pet.  

candid moments