Your Sweet Memories Will Never Wilt

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silk bloomsDecorating your wedding with flowers is a traditional, yet awesome way, of making the day really memorable. However, while choosing flowers, you need to decide upon whether to prefer real or artificial flowers. Artificial flowers are getting increasingly popular because of a number of reasons. Firstly, they look no less beautiful than real flowers. Secondly they don’t wilt. Thirdly you get them of any variety and color, whether there is season for a particular variety or not. And there are many such reasons which make artificial flowers score over real flowers. Here we are going to show you a plethora of silk flowers by a fantastic webshop named Silk Blooms who present hundreds of bridal bouquets – all so realistic, that you would hardly believe that they are made of silk flowers. They also specialize in bespoke wedding bouquets. I cannot resist myself from speaking about some of their superb arrangements. Here they are.

Magical Mix of White and Purple

Can you believe that this bouquet is made of silk flowers? But it is! This lily teardrop wedding bouquet is made of foam roses, Picasso lilies and calla lilies, and has been designed to suit just any bride. The purple crystal embellishments throughout the bouquet add it a starry touch. High quality satin ribbons cover the stems with a ribbon bow. An eye-soothing as well as elegant combination for a stylish bride!

white,purple bouquet

Sparkling Red

I love the bright red color and if it is embellished with sparkling crystals, it just wins my heart. No wonder, this one is my favorite bouquet. This vibrant bouquet is made from real-looking fuchsia foam roses and is superbly entwined with a beautiful long brooch made of crystals and crystal pins. Adds a bright, shiny touch to your bridal ensemble!

red roses and crystal brooch

Heavenly Blue

I love all shades of blue and if it is aqua marine, I just die for it! This is a cool wrist corsage made from aqua phalaenopsis orchid with a rose bud. Corsages make a stunning alternative to wedding bouquets and this wrist orchid does its job just perfectly. The lifelike orchids are attached to a sparkling crystal stretch wristband with vibrant aqua and white ribbon bows. This superb corsage is finished with a long sparkling crystal brooch with real-looking aqua pearls. Makes the bride have flowery hands!

aqua blue-orchid-wrist-corsage

Flowery Bridal Hair

A bride wearing lovely flowers in her hair may be traditional, but still appeals everyone. Flowers have long done the job of decorating hair perfectly and this beautiful vibrant wedding hair comb too just does that, which is made of realistic midnight blue Vanda orchids. Moreover the long glittering crystal and pearl brooch decorates the comb with a silver wire adds just a perfect glow to the bride’s persona.


Flowery Wedding Cake

You can never think that these floral arrangements of Silk Blooms are artificial and not of real flowers. See this cake for example, decorated with calla lilies and roses. Can you make out that those flowers are silk and not real? The four-tiered cake is looking even more scrumptious with these flowers and the green foliage, glittering crystal pins, sprays and pearl pins.

flowery wedding cake

And Silk Blooms have innumerable such awesome floral arrangement ideas which will amaze you. Choose silk flowers to decorate your big day and your sweet memories will never wilt.