Your Wedding Cake – Choose from Innumerable Decorating Accessories!

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If your wedding is nearby and you are preparing for it with much excitement, you want everything to be perfect, which includes your wedding cake too. You can choose a simple but elegant-looking wedding cake or a lavishly decorated one. If you want a wedding cake with exciting ornamentations there is much of choice for you and just to have a look at these options is much fun.

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Bride and Groom

It is real fun to take a look at various types of bride and groom pairs for your wedding cake decoration. There are kissing bride and groom made of porcelain, graceful pair of polymer clay standing with their hands linked, resin pair of bride and groom sitting on a motorbike, a claydough sitting bride having blonde hair, claydough standing black groom having short black hair, and many more. There are innumerable choices for you to decorate your wedding cake and these will not only serve as the cake toppers, but also will be your adorable keepsakes.


Flowers are always cute, whether edible, real or imitation! To decorate your wedding cake, you can get innumerable types of flowers like pansies made of icing, rosebuds and roses with green leaves made of sugar, roses and leaves made of gold sugar and silver sugar, forget-me-nots of icing of innumerable colors like bright pink, mulberry pink, golden, silver, blue, pale peach, lilac, purple and white, daffodils and wild roses made of icing, and daisies, primulas and roses made of wafer and innumerable others. They can act as toppers on your wedding cake or be spread on each of its tiers and around. Kept in any way, they will add great charm to your wedding cake.

Sugar Almonds and Chocolate Hearts

While decorative objects made of sugar and icing are scrumptious to eyes, almonds add a touch of classiness and nutrition to the wedding cake. So is the case of chocolate. And you can choose any or both of these to decorate your wedding cake and they will make the cake look real exquisite. In these too, you can get uncountable options, like ivory almonds, gold and silver sugared almonds, ivory sugared almonds and white sugared almonds, and pink, gold, silver or red sugar coated chocolate hearts.


When the cake itself is concerned, regarding its shape and layers, there too you get several choices like round, square, multi-shaped and even a cupcake wedding cake. Round cakes are the most traditional style of wedding cakes and is apt if you choose a classic theme of wedding. But they are elegant for other themes too. Square wedding cakes are stylish and sophisticated and are perfect for a bold theme. To add a unique twist to your event, you can try a multi-shaped cake which will offer a visual appeal. And if you want no mess while the cake is cut, cupcake tiered wedding cake is the most ideal!

Cake Stands

Cake stands too play an important part in the presentation of your wedding cake and you can also choose from their various types. Now a variety of crystal stands are available which offer a classy base to the cake and you have the choice to keep the cake tiers one over the other on a single-level stand or keep them separate on a multi-level stand.

Thus you can choose from numerous mouthwatering options for your special day, and choose its decoration to be unique so that it will be remembered forever by you and your guests!