4 Awesome Sites for Pre-Wedding Photography at the Heavenly Bali

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Amazing beach bali wedding photographyIf you are in search of an incredibly beautiful wedding destination and have considered from a Scottish castle to a tropical island, I would like to ask you if you have considered Bali. And if you haven’t, I would request you to do that. Search on the internet, go through some travel magazines and brochures, and I am sure you will fall in love with this Indonesian heaven! A professional Bali wedding photographer at Heru Photography shares here awesome sites in Bali where you can have the most romantic and unforgettable pre-wedding photos.

1. Pandawa Beach

If you are in search of an offbeat destination that is less crowded and much serene and secluded for your pre-wedding photo shoot, Pandawa Beach in Kutuh Village in South Bali is your best bet. This beach is far less popular than Dreamland or Kuta and so, is secluded enough to offer you the much desired romance. Rugged limestone cliffs, a path taking you towards the beach through these cliffs, roaring blue waves, pure white sands and the most fantastic feature – five statues of the five Pandawas, with whom you can capture great photos, all is just incredible.

3. Suluban Beach

You will be amazed with the sight of Suluban Beach with its small rock pools spanning far towards the ocean and a small flight of steep rock steps that descends towards the beach. Here the sunlight illuminates the beach everywhere in right angles creating a glow that you will want to have in your pre-wedding photos.

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2. Bukit Teletubbies

This romantic getaway is ironically named after a children’s TV show because it resembles much with the hill where the cute teletubbies live. Located in an island off the southeastern shore of Bali, named Nusa Penida, Bukit Teletubbies is a beautiful pasture rich with lavender, ferns and lush green grass, creating an atmosphere just apt for your pre-wedding photos.

NOTE: Infrastructure and amenities are not well developed here. So, bring all the necessities with you.

4. Lake Tamblingan

You will find Lake Tamblingan a mysterious and romantic location, appropriate for your pre-wedding shoot and in the early morning you and your photographer can also capture some awesome scenes in the morning mist rising off the lake. Perched on the north slope of Mount Mortar, the lake is a caldera, created from the collapse of the area due to volcanoes. The Gubug Temple ashore the lake is another interesting site that will add a charm to your photos.

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Amazing beach bali wedding photography