20 Best Gift Ideas for Wedding

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Best Gift Ideas for Wedding

Besides being an occasion of the union of two loving individuals, a wedding is also an event of expressing love towards others through gifts. But most wedding parties seem to be confused about what to gift to their guests, guests seem to be confused about gifting the newlywed couple and so on. Here are a few best gift ideas for wedding that will help you choose gifts for your loved ones.

1. Personalised Wedding Champagne Flutes

Not only are personalised wedding champagne flutes something very special for newlyweds while celebrating their first toast together, but also, they are a beautiful keepsake that can make future anniversaries increasingly romantic. There are so many options available from custom-engraved sets to glittering goblets. You can choose one that suits your style the best. For example, you can choose the gorgeous personalised wedding champagne flutes with your names and the wedding date engraved on them. Or you can choose silver calla lily stemmed toasting flutes that are classy and affordable at the same time, so you can save a good amount for the most significant period of your life – your honeymoon!

Personalised Wedding Champagne Flutes

2. Alskar Divi Custom Ring

Alskar Divi Custom Ring offers you a great opportunity to express your love and appreciation towards her! She is sure to cherish this stunning ring for years to come. This Custom Name Ring is specially crafted in gold, platinum and rose gold plating, all high-quality materials. So, don’t you think it’s a perfect gift for her? It’s also an ideal way to show her how much you love her, thanks to its lovely craftsmanship of message engraved heart.

This is a perfect gift for that special woman in your life – your wife, mother, girlfriend or fiancée! Despite being dainty, it can be worn every day, and can be personalised with names, so it will make the wearer and the couple feel special.

Alskar Divi Custom Ring

3. Personalised Gala Wedding Hanger

Wedding dresses are unmatched. They are very special and need special care. So, to hang them carefully, you need special hangers. If these hangers are personalised with name and wedding date, it can be a truly special gift for your loved one.

These Gala personalised wedding hangers are wooden with a white coating and laser engraved with your details. They are available in wood, beech and white beech.

There is also something special about engraving. It doesn’t fade or flake over time – unlike decals. Thus, they make great keepsakes for all future events.

Since they have a bar along the bottom and notches to hold straps, they are multipurpose, as you can hang dresses as well as suits in style and they also offer room for trousers and straps.

Personalised Gala Wedding Hanger

4. Flight Tickets to a Lovely Destination

If you know a lovely destination that is apt for the newlyweds to celebrate their honeymoon, what else can be a more meaningful gift than flight tickets to that destination? Book a honeymoon package for them if possible and they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness. After all, your intention behind gifting is making your recipients’ life more pleasurable, right?

Book a honeymoon package

5. Electronic Gadgets

With the very intention of making your recipients’ life more enjoyable, you can gift electronic gadgets, like smart TV, tablet, fire stick or a tablet to them. As you know, they’re sure to make their life easy and fun.

Electronic Gadgets

6. Jewelry

Minimalist gold or silver jewelry is an ideal gift for bridesmaids as they can wear it throughout the year.


7. Bags

Bags are anytime a perfect gift, especially for a travel-enthusiast couple. You can choose a smart strap bag so your favorite couple can travel in style whether it’s to their honeymoon or to a weekend picnic. These bags can be customised with hand-painted texts.


8. Scented Candles

When soft light is coupled with soft fragrance, it creates magic which a newlywed couple will certainly desire. Scented candles can offer both of these. They can change the mood in the entire room and will create a soothing and rejuvenating effect and can make a perfect wedding gift.

Scented Candles

9. Bathrobe

Personalised matching plush bathrobes are a perfect gift for the couple. They can wear them during bathing time. High-quality robes are made from fine Turkish cotton with a textured weave outside and comfy terry lining inside, thus perfect for lazy Sunday mornings!

10. Pyjama Sets

Pyjamas are super comfy and perfect to lounge. So, why can’t they be a perfect gift for the newlyweds who are in a mood to enjoy extreme relaxation?

11. Perfumes

To gift perfumes to your loved ones, you’ll have to take some effort to find out what perfume the couple prefers. Once you know that, you can go out and buy the brand for them. Whenever, they’ll use your gift perfume, they’ll remember you and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

12. Pinnacle Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles

There is no drink like water on this earth. But it’s not necessary that we’d get it whenever we need it. It’s a good idea to carry some water with you while leaving home, whether it’s for work, or shopping or an adventurous hiking trip! If your recipients are outing fans, these Pinnacle Vacuum Insulated Customised Water Bottles made of 18/8 stainless steel can be ideal gifts for them and every time they use them, they’ll remember and thank you. They are also BPA-free and are double-wall vacuum insulated for hot as well as cold drinks. What’s more, they come personalised for you.

Pinnacle Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles

13. Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Let your loved couple celebrate their holiday season with customised Christmas ornaments. This is one of the best gifts for family and friends and make Christmas decorations super special. You can choose from Snowflakes, Christmas Bells and Reindeer designs with your loved ones’ names on them.

Especially a beautiful handmade glass tree topper is going to be cherished for a lifetime. The unique Alskar Christmas ornaments are made with the highest quality natural 3-mm thick beech wood and thus are guaranteed to last and be enjoyed for years to come.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

14. Personalized Wooden Coasters

Personalised custom engraved walnut coasters can be an ideal wedding gift. The newlyweds can use them while sipping a cup of coffee on a pleasant morning sitting together in a relaxed mood! They are laser engraved, personalised with the text you want and are 100% handmade. They are made from beech wood or walnut wood.

Personalized Wooden Coasters

15. Plants

Any amount of greenery adds life to a home. If you wish to make your dear recipients’ home look full of life and have positive vibes, there can be no better gifts than lovely houseplants. They will make the air in the couple’s home pure and healthy and add a soothing touch to the scene. Whenever, the couple would return home after a hectic day and feel relaxed looking at the greenery, they’d remember you and thank you.


16. A Classic Novel

If you choose a special leather-bound hardcover edition of a best-selling classic novel as a gift to the newly married couple, you’ll certainly surprise them. Choose a novel that they both can enjoy reading. The classy novel can even be a prestigious decorative item in their living room on a coffee table or in a book shelf. You can even add a personal touch to your gift, by writing yours and the couple’s names on the inside page with their wedding date and they’d appreciate your creativity.


17. Board Games

Benefits of board games for mental health are numerous. Mental health also includes maintaining healthy relationships and so, is important for a newlywed couple. Board games help couples in the following ways:Playing any competitive games enhances the flow of adrenaline and forms bonding between newlyweds.Playing any competitive games enhances the flow of adrenaline and forms bonding between newlyweds.

  • Playing any competitive games enhances the flow of adrenaline and forms bonding between newlyweds.
  • A partner can better understand the other’s thought process and thus a better understanding develops between them.
  • Playing board games is a great hobby and increases family time.
Board Games

18. A Romantic Getaway

A romantic getaway is a gift that any newly married couple would appreciate. It can be a pampering holiday at a beach resort, heritage hotel or a forest lodge or any other remote location and will show the couple how much you love them. It will allow them to spend quality time together, and offer them time to chill and unwind.

romantic Getaway

19. A Subscription

Again, you’ll have to take some effort to find out the couple’s content viewing habits, whether it’s magazines or on-demand streaming. Once you find it out, a yearly subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime or a popular magazine will make sure the couple would spend ample time together.


20. Popular Online Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts don’t need to be expensive. Even the best gift ideas for wedding can be built from scratch or grabbed from a dollar store. Here are some of the best-selling wedding gift ideas:

  • Skinny tumblers
  • Burlap shopping bag
  • Cosmetic pouch
  • Personalised Infinity Name Necklace
  • Jute handbag
  • Wooden/Marble Coasters
  • Suede Embossed Leather Mouse Pad
  • Custom doormats
Custom doormat

Gifting something elegant, yet useful to a newly married couple and personalising it with their names and wedding date is a great idea to impress your recipients. It’ll not only make your recipients happy, but also will make you happy to see the glitter of joy in their eyes!