Portugal Wedding – A Real Stress-Free and Fun Wedding That You Will Treasure Forever

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my vintage wedding Portugal wedding the QuintaUsually while looking for a wedding destination that overlooks oceans and has a lot of bright sunshine, tropical islands are considered first, followed by the Caribbean. However, the European country of Portugal can also be a great wedding destination with your favorite components like sun-kissed beaches and the sound of rippling waves accompanied by the ocean breeze. Portugal also has a vintage feel with its medieval alleys and monuments. Therefore, whether you want a beach wedding or a vintage wedding, Portugal is a perfect place for you.

Why to Get Married in Portugal?

As mentioned earlier, Portugal has rich beaches and an apt atmosphere for getting married. Plus, the infrastructure is best here with wonderful facilities so you need not worry about anything and your big day runs smoothly, just like you wanted it.

The climate of Portugal is also quite more stable than other European countries. The country gets more than 3000 hours of sun every year and its coastline is simply spectacular. In short, the country is perfect for getting married almost year round.

Another reason to get married in Portugal is that the country is located centrally so as to be accessible easily. There are many cheap flights to Portugal from many parts of the world. Moreover, Lisbon Airport is accessible from anywhere in the country via many first-rate transport links.

the Quinta

Variety of Locations

When it comes to wedding locations, Portugal has a variety to offer. As said earlier, there are many sun-kissed beaches in this country where you can arrange a magnificent ceremony which you and your guests will remember forever and where you can capture many stunning wedding photos on the backdrop of the great Atlantic Ocean. Plus there are many superb villas which you will fall in love with.

The Quinta vintage wedding venue

Here, let me tell you about the beautiful wedding villa of The Quinta My Vintage Wedding in Portugal! This is a large holiday villa that is simultaneously a wedding venue in Portugal. The Quinta My Vintage Wedding in Portugal offers accommodation in 9 large bedrooms with shared toilets for up to 20 guests, multiple rooms and 2 large ballrooms, perfect for your wedding or event. It’s also perfect for destination outdoor and vintage rustic weddings! Their wedding packages are absolutely stress-free!

The Quinta spacious ballroom

Another thing worth mentioning is the Quinta is the first venue in Portugal with a rustic vintage setting. It has over 200 years of history and is located in Sintra – one of world’s most stunning villages, noted even by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The Quinta vintage wedding venue

In short, Portugal has not only beaches, but also many outstanding wedding venues where you can enjoy your big day in whichever style you want – rustic, vintage, modern, traditional or anything else! Also, don’t miss the hundreds of hidden corners of the villa that can give you exceptional wedding photos! Watch some of the stunning photos in this article and many more on their website.

The Quinta vintage wedding venue

What You Need to Know about Portugal Weddings

  • You can get married in Portugal only according to the Portuguese law. This means that you cannot get married at the embassy of your own country in Portugal.
  • In Portugal, both Catholic Church weddings as well as Civil Ceremonies are legally recognized.
  • A civil ceremony as well as a church ceremony will be conducted in Portuguese.
  • It’s not legally required to have a translator; however, if neither of you understand Portuguese, you can have an interpreter attending the entire ceremony.
  • You should get in touch with the local priest in your region of Portugal well in advance to make all the necessary arrangements. Once you get approval from the priest, you should conduct your ceremony within three months.
  • Some churches are not licensed for marriages; so, make sure you inquire whether the church you are approaching is licensed for marriages or not.
  • If you want to conduct another type of religious ceremony, you will first have to conduct a Civil Ceremony, or else, your marriage will not be considered legal under the Portuguese law.
  • You are legally bound to conduct a Civil Ceremony in Portugal. This will be performed at the Register Office by the local Registrar. It will be conducted in Portuguese. There is no requirement of a translator; however if you want you can arrange for an interpreter.

The Quinta vintage wedding venue fabulous interior

Documentation Needed

All the paperwork should be original and should be endorsed with an Apostille stamp. This stamp authenticates papers, like birth certificates, etc, created outside of Portugal.

If your documents are not in Portuguese, you should attach a copy of translation to them. The translations should be done by an agency approved by the Portuguese Consulate. You and your partner will need to carry the following documents:

  • Valid passports (for Portuguese residents, only residents cards will be needed).
  • Birth certificates that are fully translated into Portuguese by an affirmed translator and issued within 6 months of your wedding date
  • MP1 and MP2 Forms: All applicants should fill out these forms.
  • No Impediment Certificate: This certificate proves that both of you are free to marry and your wedding will be recognized after you return to your country. This certificate is applicable for three months from the date of issue, so, make sure that your wedding date is within that period.
  • Wedding fee: You have to check this because it changes from year to year.
  • Death Certificate or Divorce Decree: You will require this if you are a widow/widower or a divorcee respectively in order to prove the termination of your former marriage.

The Quinta vintage wedding venue fabulous surrounding

After reading all this information, how are you feeling about getting married in Portugal? Aren’t you feeling excited? You should! Visit the site of The Quinta and you will be even more excited with the description of the fabulous villa that gives breathtaking ocean views, is surrounded by lovely forests and gardens, spacious areas to relax and mingle with other guests, ample falling water to enjoy, sitting arrangement for up to 150 guests if you want to conduct indoor or outdoor events, an enchanting chapel, a fascinating Manor House with spacious rooms, special suite for the bride, swimming pool, charming decoration with many rustic and vintage ornaments, and much, much more! Don’t forget to visit their site, if you are planning to arrange your big day in Portugal. You will have a real stress-free and fun wedding that you will treasure forever.

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