Top 4 Honeymoon Destinations in the U.S.

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U.S. citizens like to spend their honeymoon somewhere in the states due to the fact that almost every state can offer romantic and memorable honeymoon to fit the budget and meet your needs. However, most couples choose one of the classic popular destinations. Even though these destinations can be quite crowded at some times of the year, newlyweds will be able to have a romantic, quiet dinner to enjoy their first days of living together. We will now mention some of the most popular U.S. honeymoon destinations among newlyweds from the states, but also for the foreigners.

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Tips on Planning for a Luxury Honeymoon

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One of the best ways to recover from the planning stress of a dream wedding is a luxury honeymoon. There are many wonderful locations throughout the world where couples can enjoy and have a satisfaction of going on a honeymoon. But, the success of your trip completely depends on your planning to a large extent. You should keep in mind that there are lots of things that can obstruct while you are having a good time on your honeymoon.

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Luxurious Honeymoon Ideas: Island Hopping

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"unique honeymoonsAre you looking for an unusual experience for your honeymoon? Have you been thinking of glorious sunshine, white sandy beaches and clear blue seas and skies for a honeymoon to remember for years to come? Here we look at some of the best locations for indulging yourself in the world of island hopping.

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Perfect Honeymoon Tips

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There are some important tips for people who are going out of country for a honeymoon, from what time to leave and how much to spend to the activities to be done while you are there. Making plans for a honeymoon can be a difficult experience but a little cautious consideration is a necessary step in making sure a magical and tension-free honeymoon. Some tips for planning a good honeymoon are as follows:

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Sri Lanka Honeymoon Tours

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Honeymoon in Sri Lanka

What better place than Sri Lanka for a weddings and honeymoon tour? The sheer variety of this extra-ordinary island is a joy to behold and has activities and hotels for every taste. Whether you want your honeymoon to be a long relaxing stay at a luxurious hotel or a whirlwind tour of experiences and activities, Sir Lanka has it in abundance.

Start your honeymoon tour with 2 nights in Horathapola Coconut Estate, the most romantic spot in the whole of Sri Lanka. This 5 bedroom hotel was built as a planets house over 100 years ago and it retains an air of old world romance and charm.  Only an hour from the airport, but a lifetime from a busy life in London, Horathapola is the ideal start to any honeymoon.

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