Honeymoon Suggestion: Costa Rica, Cabo and Las Vegas

Honeymoon Suggestion: Costa Rica, Cabo and Las Vegas

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Cabo Vacation PackageWhether you are planning a destination wedding or just a regular honeymoon package, Costa Rica, Cabo and Las Vegas, together or separately make incredible spots for a romantic getaway.

Costa RicaCosta Rica is ranked as one of the top ten honeymoon destinations, because of relaxing white sand beaches, exciting rainforest and luxurious spas. Costa Rica honeymoon packages can also include eco-tourism, because this friendly, peaceful “the Rich Coast” offers abundant opportunities to explore natural wonders. Best weather in Costa Rica is from December to April, because it’s the dry season (exception is year round rainy the Caribbean coast). Costa Rica is famous for its coffee, slightly bitter tasted, rich in both caffeine and quality. For all the honeymooners relishing a good cup of java, Costa Rica is the perfect destination.

Las-Vegas-HotelsPure beach relaxation, excellent nightlife and great outdoor sports (diving, big-game fishing, kayaking etc.) have made Cabo vacation package interesting for almost everyone, from Hollywood superstars seeking a weekend getaway to honeymooners looking for a romantic experience. Sea of Cortez is for those looking for calm water, while those looking for wild waves there is Cabo’s Pacific coast. Best weather is from October to May. Lover’s Beach – Playa de Amor is an incredible place to smooch, accessible only by water taxi and near hauntingly beautiful and rocky El Arco.

If Las Vegas sounds to you like only  Elvis-blessed elopement and the quick buck, you are completely wrong. Las Vegas hotels, luxurious spas, Broadway-style shows, Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas has become the one-stop spot to get everything you need for an exciting honeymoon. Best weather in Las Vegas is from November to April.