4 Important Tasks a Wedding DJ has to Perform

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A wedding DJ is wrongly believed to be just similar to a club DJ. Actually they differ from each other just like a lawyer and a doctor do. What a DJ does at a wedding differs a lot from working at a club. While a club DJ just appears and begins spinning tunes, a wedding DJ has to focus on creating an amazing ambiance for the wedding couple and their guests. Since they play an extremely important role in your wedding, you need to hire an experienced wedding DJ who is efficient enough to create the kind of environment you’re looking for.

Wedding DJs not only play music but they also do various other things. More importantly their job starts even much before your wedding. If you’re looking for a perfect wedding DJ Melbourne or Sydney for example, you may be interested to know what they do.

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1. Planning a Song List

Choosing songs to play during your wedding is more challenging than it seems.

You know what kind of songs you and your friends love to dance to and may choose Beyonce, Major Lazer, Outkast or Kanye West; but the problem is how to fit your mom’s or aunt’s favourites into the same list.

If you’ve found a very professional wedding DJ, they will typically have some kind of planning tool to turn your big day just as amazing as you want it to be. They will let you pick the songs you want played and which ones you don’t.

By knowing about your dance music choice, they will get a better idea of what genres you love. But they may even throw in some surprises.

They may even help you answer a few important questions, including:

  • Do you want your DJ to take requests?
  • Do you want any song dedications?
  • How many people will be giving a toast?
  • What sort of music do your parents and other elderly family members like?
  • Will there be a blessing?

So, you can imagine how your DJ starts working long before your big day arrives.

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2. Making Announcements

A really good wedding DJ is supposed to do many other tasks than playing music – they also perform as your MC.

Your wedding DJ and MC Melbourne thus should know your timeline and should stick to it. This means they should know when to pick up microphone and make all important announcements, e.g. announcing you for the first time as husband and wife.

However, the DJ you’re talking to may not have an experience of working as an MC. Therefore, make sure you check their experience. You should check if they could set the tone for the entire night as your MC.

3. Checking the Vibe

The most important job of a wedding DJ which sets them apart from other types of DJs is setting the right vibe and ambiance at your big day.

The major difference between a club DJ and a DJ at a wedding is that a club has generally a younger crowd and the DJ has to play for them, whereas your wedding guests consist of people of all age groups and from all walks of life. Applying tricks to keep all this variety of people dancing and entertained is challenging which only a wedding DJ can do.

A DJ at a wedding needs to sense the vibe of the room and form a playlist on the fly that can keep everyone in the room entertained.

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4. Technical Tasks

What if you can’t hear your MC during your ceremony? What if an iPad is not working? It requires highly specialised equipment and technical knowledge to make sure your vows, toasts as well as music sound excellent from start to end. Your DJ takes care of that.

So, you now know who would be the best wedding DJ Melbourne for your special day. Go ahead and find one. All the best!