4 Outstanding Benefits of Wedding Video Invitations

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Although your wedding is going to bring loads of happiness to you, it’s normal for you to be under stress till it takes place just as you want. One of the most tiring wedding tasks is sending out the wedding invites because it’s so time consuming. Fortunately, technology is now for your help to make this taxing task easy with wedding video invitations.

Getting a Wedding Video Invitation Made

If you haven’t yet heard about wedding video invitations, you may wonder from where you can get it made. Thanks to the progress in technology, people are getting more and more unique and awe-inspiring ideas for their wedding and this has made most wedding vendors tech-savvy too. By now, wedding invite designers have started providing the option of e-invites quite commonly. However, if you want something even more fun and unique, you should opt for wedding video invitations and you can get it done by a wedding video invitation maker.

Benefits of Wedding Video Invitations

1. Time-Saving

Saving time is perhaps the biggest benefit of wedding video invites. You save your precious wedding planning time, firstly by not having to print hundreds of invites and secondly by not having to distribute them personally to each of your guests. You just have to choose a video template, upload photos and wedding details and audio, preview and approve it, and download the HD video after making the payment. Once you get your wedding video invite ready, you have to just email or WhatsApp them to all your guests. This entire process is a breeze.

2. Budget-Friendly and Eco-Friendly

Since traditional wedding invites are made of paper, they are costlier than wedding video invites, since you have to get as many of them created as your guests. Also, since some people accompany their wedding invites with sweets, traditional invites become even costlier. On this background, wedding video invites are much more budget-friendly. Also, because they don’t make use of paper, they are eco-friendly too.

3. No Guest Remains Uninvited

While distributing traditional invites, there are high chances that many of your guests don’t get the invitations, because they are not living in your city or are out of town etc. But once you upload your wedding video invitation, the risk of some guests remaining uninvited is eliminated.

4. Convenience

With wedding video invitations, your guests don’t have to carry the bulky traditional invitation with them to check time and address of your event. Everything is in their phone which they can check anytime.

So, have you started looking for a wedding video invitation maker?