Fun Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

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flowers 1Photo booths are getting increasingly popular in weddings and other events, because of their extreme ability to entertain guests. Because of photo booths, you can offer your guests photos which are not the traditional, typically posed photos, but photos that they want. Moreover they can take the photos with them as keepsakes, share them instantly on social networks and above all, enjoy a real get-together in the photo booth, along with you. Meet an amazing photo booth company – a professional photo booth that is extremely affordable with no compromise on quality.

If you rent a photo booth on your big day, you obviously want it to offer maximum amusement to you and your guests. If your photo booth rental company is offering various customized backdrops, choose some unique ones to get unforgettable photos. So, here are some ideas about how to maximize the fun with various interesting backdrops for your photo booth.


Wedding is associated with glitter! And why not? After all, you are going to start a glittering new life with your soul mate. So, why not choose some glittering, shining, shimmering backdrop for your photos? You can have plain golden or silver backdrops, or can have other colors mixed with the sparkle.



Flowers and Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? Everyone does! And if your wedding is spring-themed, a floral backdrop for your photo booth is just appropriate. But your wedding need not be spring-themed for a floral backdrop. Flowers are beautiful to look at in any season. Here are some floral backdrops.

flowers 1

flowers 2


Pinwheels are sweet reminders of our childhood and easy way to add a nostalgic vibe to your big day. Choose them in bright colors to indicate your colorful life ahead.


Ruffled Streamers

Another colorful option which you can choose for your photo booth background is ruffled streamers. These come in various types of papers and colors. Choose a lively color combination to have more fun.

ruffled streamers

ruffled streamers2

Tissue Poms

When you want to have colors and more colors, you can choose anything – even tissue poms! See this beautiful backdrop which will appeal not only you but also your guests because of the fun element and attractive colors. You can also stud it with pinwheels.

tissue poms

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