How to Get Amazing Wedding Photos at Low Cost?

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bride rosesYou want amazing photographs of your big day to be shot excellently so that you can cherish them for years to come and remember the enchanting moments. However, your tight budget is suggesting you to save on some of your wedding vendors, including a wedding photographer. In that case, what should you do? While considering not hiring a professional wedding photographer and handling the job to a friend or relative who is an amateur photographer, is certainly not the perfect way to cut the cost, because though you cut the cost in that way, there are high chances that you are left with unprofessional, and mostly horrible, photos. Let’s see what are the other alternatives.

Hiring an Assistant

Hiring an assistant to a professional wedding photographer is a good idea to save money. S/He is an expert photographer, has good amount of experience in shooting weddings, and so, can handle the job well and professionally. At the same time, as s/he is not yet established, s/he will definitely charge much less than her/his boss or any other established photographer. Of course, you will have to check first her/his previous work to ensure that s/he will do your job perfectly.

Friendliness may Pay (Back?)

Getting friendly with your photographer may help in a way to reduce her/his charges upon some request. Be good with her/him, act politely and respect her/him. Considering your courtesy, s/he may think upon giving you a discount.

Be Reasonable

Don’t expect unreasonable discounts. You won’t get your prices reduced to three thousand, right from eight thousand. Find a pro in the price range and save negotiating for additional services like engagement shoot.

Skip Some Shots

You can consider skipping shots like getting ready, guests eating or those shots which you can afford not having.

Reception Shots

Some brides choose to skip reception shots by a professional photographer. If you are one of them, you can save that way too. You can consider hiring a professional photographer only for the main ceremony and hand over the task of catching key reception moments to a trusted friend.

No Assistant

While you can hire an assistant photographer for shooting your wedding for saving money, one more option of hiring only the main photographer with no assistants is also a way to do the same. If your big day is not going to have a lot of guests, you can request your photographer not to bring assistants and give a discount in the bill.

Basic Package

All wedding photographers have basic packages which are for their least price. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for such basic packages, but can get good professional photos of your special day.

basic packages

Give Yourself Wide Choice

Meet a lot of photographers you have been recommended and you will come to know that some of them have common skill level and expertise, but they charge quite differently. This way too, you can find a good photographer who charges quite less.

Get a CD and Print Later

Ask for your photos’ CD and a release to print. You then can order prints from a cheaper online service.

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