Key to Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

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Hayley AnneIf you really wish that your wedding photographs should be such that you can cherish them for life and will feel proud while watching them later in your life, you should choose a wedding photographer who will photograph your big day in a style which will exactly match your desire.

Originally there were two wedding photography styles – traditional and documentary, with a third style emerging now and getting a fast popularity, and is called illustrative.

Predictable Photos with Traditional Style

You are familiar with traditional or classic style, because you have seen many wedding photos shot in that style. In this style, the photographer often works on only the set shot list which has been suggested to him by the couple and takes posed shots throughout the day to accomplish the list. Experienced wedding photographers provide you all the shots you request with this photography style. The skills of a good portrait photographer are reflected by the poses, lighting and composition in such photos.

An advantage of this style is you can usually predict that the photos will be overall up to your expectations. And its disadvantage is your entire day is spent under the direction of your photographer.

No Interference but Unpredictable Results with Documentary Style

The documentary style is also called photojournalistic style and has got popularity in the last decade. In this style, the photographer doesn’t go on directing you to give him poses, but shoots the day without any interference so as to tell the story of the day through the photographs. A talented photographer will present you unique photos that reveal interactions and events that took place, along with the atmosphere and sentiments felt across the day.

The benefit of documentary style is you don’t have to attend the photographer or be ready for every shot, leaving all the other important jobs, like taking vows, doing your first dance, meeting and greeting people, and so on. And its disadvantage is you cannot guarantee the results. They depend upon the skill of your photographer and the happenings in the wedding.

Feel Like a Model with Illustrative Style

This style is inspired by the style of photography in haute fashion magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair. Through illustrative style, wedding shots are taken on unusual and interesting backgrounds, lighting, sometimes extreme camera angles and special Photoshop effects.

Illustrative style is particularly noted in the bride’s and groom’s photos, as solo or as a couple, where dramatic backgrounds and lighting are seen. This style is adopted in different ways by different photographers; e.g. one photographer may be inclined more towards controlled poses, while the other may believe in making subjects interact with each other.

The best way to choose your right wedding photographer is to study her/his previous work through her/his website and portfolio. Mostly all photographers work in all the styles because they have clients with different needs and mindsets and they have to fulfill their demands. Your job is to study carefully which style the photographer is excellent at and choose her/him and that style. And that will give you truly memorable wedding photos.

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