Wedding Catering – What is an Ideal Menu?

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wedding cateringThough all couples think about their wedding on an overall basis, considering all factors like their dresses and jewelry, wedding venue and its décor, photography, entertainment etc, it is beyond doubt that it is the wedding menu that is remembered the most by the wedding party, including the guests as well as the couple themselves. And hence special attention should be paid while choosing the wedding caterer and wedding menu. Here are some suggestions from industry experts.  


appetizersAccording to expert chefs, there should be at least four appetizers in the wedding menu. As such, you can keep them even as many as seven if the budget permits, having a huge variety. Mini-grilled cheese sandwiches, bruschetta, meatball sliders, tuna tartare, and sushi are just some examples. If you have a good variety, even the fussiest guests are bound to find something of their choice. Similarly serving only limited number of dishes is not a good idea, because after some time guests are bored and stop eating.

Buffet or Sit-down Dinner?

sit-down wedding dinnerAccording to expert chefs, buffets are only okay for a very casual backyard party or beach events. But in weddings, it is not very good to make guests stand in a queue for food. It is also infeasible for them because they end up eating at varying times upon which they have to get back in the line or also if they forget to take some dish or want it second time. It all becomes too messy for guests and becomes a stressful affair rather than being enjoyable.

Ideal Menu

ideal wedding menuAn ideal wedding menu cannot be defined, because it depends on individual choice. However, a menu which has something for everyone can be called ideal. Roughly, grilled varieties of potato, corn and meat, baked, fried, smoked or barbecued fish, mini frittatas, bagels with cream cheese and chicken bites and chopped vegetable salads are some of essential ingredients. Plus, you can keep varieties of cookie jars on tables with tongs to let guests help themselves. Desserts like ice cream cake, pudding, and fruits are something to add a class of flavor. Rum sauce, shot glasses of milk, yogurt etc also work wonders. Also, don’t forget to give a try to the caterer’s special dish if they have any. Sometimes you might get your hands on a wonderful dish, which everyone would like.

Staying within Budget

A common misconception is buffet saves money. This is not the case because for a buffet you need to order almost one and half times more food than you would have for a sit-down dinner. Moreover, passing items like mini fingerling potatoes, sashimi, shot glasses of soup, etc make guests feel like they had a meal, but the party still goes on. Thus an appetizer brunch is significantly less costly, in addition to being elegant.

If you work on these guidelines, you can have an unforgettable party on your big day, which you and your guests will remember for years to come.

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