Wedding Favors: Necessity or Not?

Wedding Favors: Necessity or Not?

Posted by on Apr 13, 2013 in Managing Wedding |

finger puppets wedding favorsAre wedding favours a necessity? To be honest, many couples ask themselves this question once they start planning their big day. So, don’t worry you are the only one. Weddings can be quite costly and almost anyone has enough money to organize everything without cutting some costs. Therefore, the brides and the grooms think about all the things that are not necessary to avoid them. So, are the wedding favors really inevitable part of the weddings?

First of all, think about their meaning. Wedding favors send the message: “Thanks for being with us and celebrating with us. Thanks for your gift, your time, support and care.” Are you sure you want to miss delivering this message to your guests? Think again. If your guests are not so important to you, don’t invite them to your wedding. Elopements are an option. But, if you decide to make a more traditional wedding ceremony, don’t underestimate the importance of your invitees and show them you cared about them. Wedding favors will do exactly that.

If you think it’s the waste of money, nobody cares about wedding favors, keep in mind that you are the one that should pick the right favors, those with the meaning. What about donating the cause it’s by no chance meaningless. Be sure to choose wedding favors that will be taken home as nice souvenirs. Don’t choose too unique wedding favors if you are not sure whether your guests will get the right message. If they are meant to be used during the wedding reception, such as sunscreen or home-made cookies, wedding favors must be practical and convenient to use or eat. For example, finger puppets are the great option to entertain both kids and the adults.

Finally, wedding favors should be as cheap as possible, unless you are too rich to care about the money. So, if you think that wedding favors priced $5 per piece are too expensive, go for something more affordable, but don’t ditch them.