A Wonderful Wedding Day Gift from the Groom to the Bride

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wedding dress sketchIf you are a romantic groom-to-be, what would you like to gift your sweetheart? Do you want to gift something unique, something striking, off the beaten path of rings, dresses, flowers and perfumes? Something which will take her breath away? Can there be something? Yes, there is! You can gift a custom wedding dress sketch to the bride!

Isn’t the idea wonderful? You will certainly find it so when you will see the sketches made by a professional artist at MyDreamlines.com. These sketches capture the essence of a bride’s wedding dress! And it is unique; there will never be a second piece like it.

wedding dress sketch

Nikki Gentry is the owner of Dreamlines for 7 years and is passionate for providing couples with gifts they can treasure for life. She created Dreamlines because she knew that there are lots of people who want to give their sweetheart the most perfect gift, a gift which will win their heart and will get admiration from everyone present at the ceremony. Take a look at some of her wonderful work in this article and many more on her website.

wedding dress sketch

What a groom may love the most is to gift his bride on the occasion of one day of the wedding and what can be more apt than the breathtaking wedding dress sketch?

Wedding is such a fabulous occasion to gift a custom wedding dress sketch, but this superb gift can be given away on bridal shower and anniversaries too, by relatives and friends.

Nikki strives to make your gift so amazing that your partner should be wonderstruck at its sight. Plus, she offers an excellent customer service and walks you through the process and helps you to make the perfect choice.

wedding dress sketch

How it Works?

When you place an order, an automatic email is sent to you by Nikki Gentry within 24 hours. You can choose amongst various sizes like 8 x 10, 11 x 14, etc. The dress is shown totally white or ivory with a tint of a color as per the choice of the artist to enhance the dress. The tint of color is added with pens, pastel, paint or other tools. The sketch is mailed in an extremely sturdy packing.

wedding dress sketch

Orders from all over the world are accepted; so, anywhere you are in the world, you can gift this wonderful sketch to your beautiful bride.

So, give this never-before gift to your partner-to-be and gain her appreciation and love for life for the romantic, artistic, creative and unique side of your personality.

wedding dress sketch