Alternative Wedding Dresses for Off-Beat Brides

Posted by on Apr 30, 2015 in Misc Wedding Articles |

bride in trousersNobody denies that planning a wedding puts every bride in a pressure-cooker situation. You are supposed to search everywhere for that perfect little details that are so important part of celebrating your commitment. Nevertheless, when it comes to wedding dresses, it might be better to try to be yourself. If you can’t picture yourself in that mermaid dress because you would feel like you’re too precious to move, it’s alright. There are many alternatives that make bride looks like better version of herself, not someone else! We are here to inspire you!

homecoming dressFor some brides, paying too much money on a bridal gown might be totally out of question. What about cheap homecoming dresses? Although these dresses are elegant, they are still designed for younger women and many brides would like to feel fresh and young on their big day, right? So, think about a white-colored homecoming dress as your wedding gown and you might get the perfect dress for your wedding ceremony at a way lower cost.

If you simply don’t wear dresses at all, why would you leap outside your comfort zone on your big day? Think about white trousers and an elegant white top! Stick to your a dresses-be-damned philosophy and be yourself!

bride in bootsMore and more brides are opting for colored wedding gowns, or at least a few colored details in their outfit. If you’re brave enough to be a bride who wears black, go ahead! Your friends and family will appreciate your desire to stay unique and true to yourself. In case you would like to be all in white, but you’re looking for a design that cannot be misconstrued as a cupcake, go for a slip, sleek variety of a wedding dress and combine it with the sturdy boots. You’ll show that you are sweet, but not saccharine kind of girl!