Information on Getting Married in Bali

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RL_1_IMG_03121With its mystical temples, dramatic volcanoes and palm-fringed beaches, Bali makes people fall in love instantly. Also, this charming Indonesian island attracts people who are already in love and want to spend their honeymoon there. But, have you considered tying the knot at some Bali beachfront wedding hotel? Is it possible to get legally married in this breathtaking tropical island?

In Bali, couples are required to have both a civil and religious ceremony to get legally married and both ceremonies must be held on the same day and at the same location. In recent years, nevertheless, the civil ceremony can often be consolidated with the religious ceremony. If your religion is Christian-Protestant, Christian-Catholic, Buddhism, Hinduism or Islam, you can get legally married in Bali. Nevertheless, both partners have to declare the same religion. Only Christian-Catholic ceremony cannot be held at a hotel, a villa, a home, a beach… Others can choose whichever wedding venue they like, except, of course, Balinese temples.

Any foreigners who plan to get marry in Indonesia should obtain Certificate of Non Impediment to Marriage (abbreviated CNI), prior their big day. Simply put, this is only a letter from your country’s Embassy or Consulate representative in Indonesia that states there are no objections for you to tie the knot in Bali/Indonesia.


  • Passport(s)
  • Details of religious faith
  • Birth certificates
  • When relevant, Decree absolute divorce certificate or Death certificate of former spouse
  • For someone under the age of 21, parental consent (written)
  • Witnesses (two) – can be arranged by your wedding hotel or planner.
  • 8 Photos (6 x 4 cm)  of the couple – sitting side by side, head and shoulders only, looking straight ahead. Choose your best photos, since these will be attached to your wedding certificate.

In case all that paperwork worries you, opt for a wedding ceremony without actually getting legally married. Many couples have just a symbolic ceremony in Bali and do the required paperwork back home.