Mother of the Bride – Choosing the Dress

Posted by on Oct 23, 2015 in Misc Wedding Articles |

mother of the bride dressI’m quite sure every mother would like to look gorgeous on their daughter’s big day. In the past, moms were expected to wear matronly dresses in washed out shades of beige, but now you are free to express your passion for fashion to the fullest. Since most mothers of the brides haven’t shopped for a dress this important since their own nuptials, they surely need some tricks and tips on picking the right outfit as a wedding VIP.

If you’re not really kind of woman who likes to take away too many tips, I suggest following this rule: listen to your daughter! She plans her wedding, she knows the required degree of formality, the tone of the event and, finally, she can give you the best cues about the style and color of your dress. You need to look as the part of the wedding party, because you will be one of the most important members of it. So, follow your daughters recommendations and you’ll be just fine.

In general, the dress of the mother of the bride should complement the color(s) of the wedding party. However, don’t take it too serious by trying to match it. Wait for your daughter to pick the bridesmaids’ dresses to start with looking for your own dress. If possible, get a swatch of the bridesmaids’ dresses fabric to take with you to be absolutely sure you’ll find a harmonizing hue. There’s only one color you shouldn’t wear – the color of the bridal gown. Although as a mother of the bride you should look stunning, your daughter should by all means be the star of the evening.

Start searching for your dress at least four months before the big day, in order to allow time for alterations, special orders etc. Where to look for it? For example, nice and cheap mother of the bride dresses UK has to offer are available at the department or specialty stores, but you shouldn’t pass over popular bridal salons, too.