Wedding E-mail Address – Should You Get One?

Posted by on Jul 24, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

wedding-me-e-mail-addressIf you have got engaged recently, you are probably planning your big day. Nowadays, most of the things are done online: looking for ideas and tips, buying, hiring vendors etc. It’s more convenient and it saves energy, time and money. We have one really useful advice for you: get a special e-mail address. Yes, you already have one and it’s perfectly good, but there are some reasons why you should get your wedding email. 

You will probably reach out a bunch of vendors while looking for the best photographer, the most beautiful wedding venue, incredible honeymoon destinations and so on. Yes, it’s completely alright. But, do you really want to wind up with a spam storm in your inbox? Trust us, once you e-mail wedding vendors, you’ll be on their e-mailing list. This means that every time a caterer introduces new menu items or services, you will get e-updates. When you plan a wedding, perhaps you would need these information, but after you finish with wedding plans and return from your honeymoon, these e-mails would be more than annoying.

But, besides vendors, you personally will be spamming your regular e-mail. Whenever you get the new wedding inspiration, you will e-mail yourself. Honestly, would you like to clog up your work e-mail account with 67 wedding dress images or 16 wedding cake decoration ideas? If you have more than one e-mail regularly, it’s better to get a new one to use it for emailing all your guests and to keep everything at one place. Your specialized wedding email address is the perfect way to broadcast the events planned for the big day to all your invitees.

*Check out! This is the website useful for creating custm wedding email addresses for brides and grooms-to-be to use for their RSVP’s, save the dates, wedding planning etc.