Wedding Outfits – Mother of the Bride

Posted by on Oct 24, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

CB063065If your daughter is getting married, you certainly want to look amazing. All eyes will be on your daughter, since the bride is the woman of the day, however, they will also be on you. Once upon the time, both mothers were supposed to look matronly. Luckily, this concept was retired long ago. Mother of the bride outfits nowadays are fashionable and stylish, yet staying withing the limits of good taste.

Formal gowns, long or short dresses, skirt & jacket – anything goes these days. However, mother of the bride outfits should match the wedding style and theme. Here are some guidelines that you should keep in mind when choosing the right outfit for your daughter’s big day.

The color of your outfit should blend nicely with the outfit of the wedding party. Wearing white should be avoided since it is reserved for the bride. If, however, you prefer light colors, choosing a pastel in medium or light tone is recommended. Commonly, mother of the bride has the honor to select her wedding day outfit first (groom’s mom chooses secondly and two mother shouldn’t wear the same color.

Where to look for the outfit? Department stores offer beautiful dresses, however, it’s more recommended to check the specialty stores first. They offer personalized attention: from picking the right outfit and selecting perfect undergarments to making dress alterations. We suggest you to order the dress no less than 3 months ahead of time and make sure you have at least couple of weeks for necessary alterations. Once again, when buying an outfit, you should get specific tips on choosing the right hose and undergarments.

What about the hat? There is a traditional notion of hats being worn by bride’s mother. However, ladies nowadays choose to steer clear. Well, it comes down to your personal choice. If you would rather choose a stylish alternative, opt for a fascinator.