3 Amazing Tips for Amazing Wedding Photos

Posted by on Dec 23, 2017 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

wedding photography tipsMost couples yearn to have a big wedding, a whole day, maybe even two, just to celebrate the most important day in their lives with all of their family and friends. But almost all couples want to have that day captured in photos and videos to which they can, many years later, come back to and relive those moments. Everyone knows that wedding photos need to look as good as the bride herself, that’s why you need to plan ahead. So, here are some easy tips and tricks to make sure that one day you’ll have amazing photos to return to your special day.

1) It’s All About the Details!

Be sure to talk to your photographer about the details you want captured on your wedding day. The details you choose will create a whole story later on for you to come back to. If you talk to your photographer about all the little but important details, he or she may end up doing a better job because of it. Try to have that talk in time, so that your photographer knows what to aim for when the big day comes. That’s why you need to find a photographer like Annabel Law productions wedding photography Singapore because they will provide you with a professional photographer ready to fulfill your requests, so why not give it a try?

2) Rehearsal

It’s extremely important for the photographer to have the opportunity to meet all the guests at your wedding, and the rehearsal is the best opportunity to do so. It will provide a sense of familiarity for the guests too, and that may lead to having more honest photos in the end.

3) Change of Angle

The most common thing for all wedding photos is that they’re usually shot from the almost the same angle: eye level. Allow your photographer to express his or her creativity by allowing a change of angle. Photos shot from high up or low down may be fun to shoot and will make funny, unique memories for you and your friends. In a sea of wedding photos, it’s shots like this that will break the mold of same old, usual wedding day, white photos.

Being honest with yourself and your photographer is the key to success. By following these easy tips and tricks, we guarantee that you’ll remember your day in white with the best possible looking photos.