4 Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Wedding Vendors at No Extra Cost

Posted by on Aug 6, 2021 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

Wedding Vendors

Everyone knows that you’ll be paying your wedding vendors for the services they’d give you. But if they give you their best service at no extra cost, wouldn’t you love it? You might ask if it’s possible. Yes, absolutely, with just a few tips. Here they are.

1. Send Them an Invite

It costs you nothing to make your wedding vendors feel like welcome guests. To start with, you can send them proper invites. It’s agreed that they are professionals and you want to get a job done from them. By getting proper invites, they’d definitely be excited to attend the fabulous event.

2. Seat Them with Your Guests for Dinner

When you decide to treat your wedding vendors like your guests, you should not stop after sending them the invites. It’s often seen that wedding vendors are offered a chair in a dark corner hours after the dinner ends and they have to eat a cold meal. This is not just unfair but also unkind and rude.

Offering them proper seats at dinner with their names on the seating chart is not going to cost you anything. But they will feel heart-warmed. In that case, they won’t hesitate in doing something extra for you.

3. Make Sure They’ve Eaten

Asking your wedding vendors whether they’ve eaten will make them realize how you care about them. Oftentimes brides leave vendors’ meals in the hands of other vendors like the venue staff, caterer or planner which eventually results in food denied to them until long after the dinner ends. Therefore it’s necessary to check whether they have really eaten. Your simple act of ensuring this will amp up the levels of their energy and happiness while they work through the rest of the night.

4. Send a Thank You Card

While sending thank you cards after your wedding, you can send a thank you card to your wedding vendors too. Will this help when your big day is already over? Who knows! You may need their help even after the wedding which they may offer at no extra cost just because you’ve treated them so nicely. For example, your photographer may happily make as many editions in your photos or your wedding dress shop may help you out with fittings of your party dress.

Treating people nicely costs you nothing. But it’s human psychology that you feel like doing something extra for the one who treats you nicely. The simple things you’d do for your wedding vendors will create a feeling of affection and friendliness in their mind towards you, and they’d work for you with more attention, more care and more love. That way you make the most of your wedding vendors!