5 Amazing Wedding Favor Ideas

Posted by on Sep 25, 2016 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

swig hip flaskConfused about what to gift your wedding guests? You wish that the favor should denote true love and gratitude towards your loved ones who would come to bless you! Here are some great wedding favor ideas that your guests will appreciate.

1. SWIG Wedding Gift Set

The wedding gift set of SWIG Hip Flasks is one of the best wedding favors that are modern yet timeless. Special attention has been paid while creating this wedding gift set to make your guests feel truly appreciated. Your guests will be amazed with a personalized engraved message expressing your thoughts and the consecutive SWIG numbers that will make them feel like a part of one special occasion, your big day, the memories of which will last forever. This is a rich-looking gift with the SWIG hip flask encased firmly and snugly in a leather Executive Pouch. Paired with the flask, there is a Stainless Steel SWIG Funnel that adds a class. Your guests will greatly admire this favor.

swig hip flask

2. Honey Jars

Full of flavor and health, tiny honey jars are ideal wedding favors that will make your guests return with the sweet memories of your wedding! To make it more rustic, tie the ‘Thank You’ tag with a hay string with a personalized message to make the guests feel special.

3. Candies in Take Home Bags

Your guests will love colorful sweet candies packed in beautiful take home bags. To add more fun, arrange a range of select candies attractively on a corner table and offer your guests freedom to choose them.


4. Handmade Soap

Another healthy gift is premium handmade soaps with personalized scents added. You get them in various shapes and colors. They contain natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil etc and so, are not hard on your skin. Your guests will admire your thoughtfulness of taking care of their skin health.

5. Cute Succulents

A unique, beautiful and green gift, that’s what the cute succulents are. They come in a great variety, each one with an outstanding beauty. The reason to give cacti as wedding favors is that even if some of your guests are not very fond of plants and gardening, they will be happy to receive these lovely symbols of nature because they need least maintenance. But you can even gift your guests with other plants if you think they would love it.


Choose one of these great wedding favors and get great appreciation from your wedding party!