5 compelling reasons to hire a professional make-up artist

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Masia RosasIf you think that bridal makeup is a service that can be dispensed with, it is time to reject that idea. Discover the importance of having a professional makeup artist at your wedding; After reading these five reasons you will understand why as recommend Barcelona wedding venues.

Confess it: every time you look at the engagement ring, you fantasize about the wedding details such as the arrival in a spectacular car, a delicious banquet, a music that makes everyone dance … even wedding centerpieces dress up your daydreams! For all that, the suppliers are fundamental. But also for those little big details like makeup and a good bridal hairstyle. Do you want to know why a professional make-up artist is necessary?

Just as they would not leave their wedding in the hands of an inexperienced organizer and for the decoration of the wedding cake they will look for a quality supplier, the same goes for bridal makeup. Think that the wedding photos will be the most lasting memory and in a few years you will enjoy seeing yourself impeccable in them, is that correct?

1. Experience applied to your face

You gave yourself the task of investigating if mermaid wedding dresses are the ones that most favor your silhouette or not and if the size of the bouquet is suitable for your proportions. In the same way, a professional make-up artist will sculpt your face as if it were a work of art, with a work adapted to the shape of your face, your eyes and, of course, your type of skin.

In addition, makeup artists specialized in brides usually have accreditations that support the work they do. This is a guarantee of seriousness, that they know the best and least aggressive corrective techniques and that they remain constantly updated in trends and cosmetic products.

2. Quality of cosmetics

The cost of the bridal beauty service can range between one thousand and four thousand pesos, depending on the place where the wedding takes place, the need for transfers, time of preparation, type of products required and other extras.

This is usually the cost not only of the service, but also of using the best cosmetics and utensils to make a makeup with a quality finish. And those products, which are not typical of any domestic toilet, have high prices. Or do all brides have an airbrush in their house?

The quality of the cosmetics will be the main difference between a makeup that runs to the first tear of emotion and one that lasts until the moment of giving your guests the original wedding memories and dismissing them from the reception.

3. Comfort: it’s your day, be happy

That day you will have a thousand earrings in your head, such as receiving the natural bridal bouquet on time or adjusting schedules with the groom and the photographer for your first look session before the ceremony. Even if you want to have everything under control, there will be unforeseen events to attend to as you race the same day of the wedding. Forget about the stress of knowing if you have all the necessary brushes, the bases, the correctors, the fixers, the pencils or to keep the pulse with the eyeliner. Hiring a make up artist who has all the means to make you shine like never before on day B will be a great relief.

Even if you have the luck and ability to be one of those people who knows how to make up very well, for the day of the wedding, nothing like delegating to trusted stylists. You can take it as a relaxation treatment to clear the mind in the hours leading up to the ceremony.

They can also hire packages to make up family and friends; Surely, the price will be reduced depending on the number of people who sign up.

4. Guarantee that it will go out as you wish

Since bridal packages include several sessions to do the makeup test, you can be sure that the final result will be what you want, since in each of these sessions you can make the necessary changes to look like you imagined.

So if you want to try some look, nothing like getting into expert hands. Natural, classic, retro, sophisticated, glamorous, do you already have an idea in mind? Make sure of how many tests your service will include or if they will be charged separately, which is the most usual.

5. Availability as needed

The availability of the makeup artist in time and space is also a factor that should not be underestimated. A professional will attend promptly at the time they agree necessary and in the place they define. If you will need to move, it is almost certain that your rate will increase.

Rate also what kind of service you will need: just for the time to fix yourself or will you want it to stay until the ceremony finishes for some retouching? Or maybe until the formal photo session ends? Now that you’ve learned to