8 Ways to Use Your Wedding Initials

Posted by on Mar 27, 2015 in Wedding tips |

initials 1What makes the wedding unique and personalized? The devil is in the details and now we would present a detail that you can use in a variety of ways to make your big day different – wedding initials! We want to inspire you with 8 amazing ideas and unique uses of your initials and we’re sure you’ll find something to make your wedding day memorable!1. Over-Sized LettersA set of large wood letters are the great way to show off your initials. They are a great prop for your wedding photo session so, snap a photo and have it printed on your “thank you” card after the big day. Your guests will love it!2. Invitations with InitialsNo matter how “classic and simple” your wedding invitations are, you can make them ultra-personal with your initials right on the front. You can even seal invitations with wax – it is a great idea for vintage weddings!

3. Decorated Desserts

If you have a sweet table, make it even lovelier with your initials included right on the top of macarons or gingerbread cookies.

initials 24. Groom’s Cufflinks

If a groom wants to look elegant and classy on his wedding, cufflinks are inevitable part of glamorous outfit. And, why would you include wedding initials on them? Personalized and classy!

5. Cake Topper


If you prefer simple, yet elegant cakes, but still you want to make sure everyone knows it’s YOURS wedding cake, just add your initials to the top.

6. On Favor Boxes/Bags

Wedding favors are small gifts for your beloved guests and you should make them as unique as possible. Even if you pack just few candies, make your wedding favors personal with handcrafted initials.

initials 37. Initials on Chair Backs

Forget a traditional chair sign and use your own initials to embellish the chair backs.

8. Pen Holders with Your Initials

You are probably very excited about signing on that dotted line! But, do it with more style with personalized, handmade wedding pen holders that will surely look incredible in your wedding pics!