Choosing the Best Makeup Artist For Your Big Day

Posted by on Nov 2, 2013 in Wedding tips |

wedding makeupEvery bride wants to look the best on her big day and why not? After all, it is the most unforgettable moment for her! And regarding looks, makeup and hairstyle play a vital role. Naturally, the bride has to seek an excellent hair and makeup artist for the wedding, which might be bewildering for her. But there is no need to worry. If you are a bride and if you think upon it a little, it might seem a pretty simple job to you. You just have to consider a few things.

Finding A Good Makeup and Hair Artist

This may seem a tough job, but it is quite easy. As a bride, you want an artist who is talented, professional and calm and concise, right? You may think it is hard to get one with so many qualities, that too within your budget. But there are many of such good bridal makeup artists and you can find them in various ways. Firstly, you should enquire with your friends, co-workers and relatives who are newly married and have got done the job well. You can also search on the web and you will get innumerable of them. If you prefer to have one within your area, you can approach your local hair salon, beauty counter or department store and you will find many names. Mostly word of mouth is the most effective and reliable source to find such a professional.

Decide the Venue

Think upon whether you would prefer the makeup done at your home or wedding venue, or at the professional’s office. It is better to get it done at the venue so that there are hardly any chances to get it disturbed by outside elements like air pollution, sweat, etc. In that case, you will want a mobile makeup artist – so, continue your search in that direction.

Same or Different Stylists

Also you will want same or different stylist for your makeup and hairstyle. It is possible that the professional you have found for your makeup might not have very good certificates for hairstyle; so, you may want another professional for that job. And after hiring both of them, ensure that they both will arrive at the venue in time.

Take Trials

It is recommended to take trials well before the big day. During the trial, the makeup artist may enquire about your usual makeup style and what are you expecting for the day. You dream a lot about your looks on your wedding; so, give the artist a thorough idea about your expectations. You should also inform her about your wedding gown, accessories, your bridesmaids’ dresses, etc, so that she can suggest the best matching style and makeup.

Be Frank

After the artist finishes your makeup, if you are unhappy about something, don’t hesitate to tell. This should be done well in time, so that she can get a perfect idea about your need. Hesitation may bring about a permanent distress on the actual wedding day, when in your wedding photos you will have some unwanted element on your face or hair, or something lacking.

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