Documentary Wedding Photography – The Most Natural and Enjoyable Style of Photography

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David Walters photos bride siting on stairsGone are the days when brides, grooms and other wedding party members were eager to pose before the camera and catch attractive photos. Today is the time of informal photography, wedding story, narrations, interviews and unexpected but candid moments, together making what is called documentary style wedding photography. Amongst all the newly evolved styles of informal wedding photography, documentary style is perhaps the most popular one, reason being simple – the photos look awesome. But what is this documentary style?

What is Documentary Style Wedding Photography?

Documentary style is a hands-off style of wedding photography which is probably the most unobtrusive style of capturing various moments in the big day in an extremely natural way. While it is unfolded later, the loved ones love to watch it and can enjoy it in a true sense. No posing, no gathering before the camera, no adjustments to bring those who are standing at the end inside or in front to come in the view of the camera, need of someone to bend down, someone to stand on a stool, someone to tilt their head, and so on. The photographer just moves through the event and goes on catching natural moments, emotions, expressions, laughs, gigs and cries, not particularly meant for the camera. No one is forced to look at the camera, smile or stand or sit in any particular pose.

The documentary style is focused on a narrative style to weave a comprehensive story of the wedding, e.g. the preparations in the homes of bride and groom, entry of wedding parties at the venue, guests, musicians, decorations, ceremony and more. The photos thus captured make a powerful artwork that the couple would treasure for years to come.

David Walters photos

Benefits of Documentary Style Wedding Photography

  • With documentary style photography, the day goes on smoothly without the mess of posing before the camera and waiting till the photographer gets her/his desired pose.
  • This style creates a photo album which is sheer joy to watch later. Unlike the traditional wedding photos, wedding photos caught in documentary style look much more natural.
  • Documentary style shows the true story of the wedding and how the wedding took place.
  • Documentary style of photography needs much more skill than required by the traditional photography, and so, the photos are excellent. Moreover, if the photographer is observant enough s/he can catch countless moments that you would enjoy watching later.

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David Walters photos bride siting on stairs