Groom Suit – For a Prince-in-Waiting

Posted by on Feb 25, 2012 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

If every bride wants to look and feel like a princess on the wedding day, it is obvious that she wants to have a prince beside her. With several useful tips the groom could look stylish and sharp, and to be appropriate prince-in-waiting for his beloved queen. Of course, money does matter and budget should be determined before creating shopping list. If you are lucky enough, there are some great contests online, like the one we have found on Shopping Bookmarks – only for creating shopping list, entrants can win a $100 gift card. Nice gift when you consider all the things you should buy prior the big day. The style of the event, the time of the wedding and, of course, the groom’s body shape are also the things that should be considered before buying the groom’s suit.

The groom should be dressed appropriately for this joyful occasion. If the wedding is taking place in the morning, then morning suits should be chosen – a long grey or black jacket with a wide tail at the back. Even the protocol dictates not to wear anything too formal, such as tuxedos, prior 6 p.m. But, for evening weddings, dinner suit and tuxedos are the perfect choice. There is a wide range of formal wear for men nowadays, so it is not so difficult to complement any wedding theme or style. For some more casual ceremony, such as the beach or garden wedding, the suits should be light-colored, but for more formal ceremonies, black tailcoat over a white vest would be the right combination.

What about the body shape? For tall and thin men, almost everything looks great, but not everyone is lucky enough to be shaped like that. Muscular and tall men should wear clean lines and to avoid any frills, pleated shirts and double-breasted jackets. Broad and short men should wear a single-breasted suit with a vest rather than a cummerbund. Slim and short grooms may choose suit jackets with a low button stance in order to elongate the body appearance.