RSVP – An Important Wedding Preparation To Do Professionally

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RSVPYour big day is around the corner and you have thousands of preparations to do, one of the most important being RSVP. RSVP is very important and critical because if the number of guests you expect is more than guests who actually show up at the event, you have to bear a heavy financial loss in form of everything, right from food to chairs and tables, alcohol, and so on. And therefore you should hand over the task of wedding RSVP to professionals like

What Does CHAIR4U Do?

By using CHAIR4U you can obtain timely intimations regarding your guests’ arrival till the day just before the event so that you can prevent a messy situation. It can save you thousands of dollars!

Moreover, CHARI4U saves your time and efforts of doing hundreds of phone calls to ensure that guests are coming. And that time and energy can be utilized for other chores, which too are important during preparing for your big day. A major benefit of the service is to escort the guests to the venue in case they don’t know the address.

The Process of RSVP Done By CHAIR4U

  • Phone calls for RSVP are done by chair4u manually and not through any automatic machine, voice response, SMS or online message. This ensures the RSVP 100%
  • The number of phone calls made by chair4u is not limited, so that you feel stress-free using their service. In case, they couldn’t catch up with a guest, they keep on calling him/her persistently till they get in contact with him/her
  • CHAIR4U believes in giving quality service, because they know that it is being your big day, you want to share your joy with your guests and by ensuring that your guests are sure to come to the event, they feel pleased in adding to your joy
  • Chair4u usually starts calling your guests about a week or one and half week before your wedding date so as to obtain genuine answers by the guests
  • Once this process of phone calls start the company gives you detailed report everyday with phone calls done, various observations and notes together with complete analysis and personal support.

Advantages of Human Communication

CHAIR4U believes in human communication to the guests at the event because the guests like to speak with humans rather than computerized voices. Therefore focus of the company is on human communication. There are several advantages of using human communication:

  • By using human communication, it is always identified correctly whether the guest really wants to attend the event. Sometimes it happens that the guest doesn’t know the bride or groom, and may not be eager to attend the wedding. At such times, only a human, and not a machine, can identify this
  • Some guests may not have the time to talk when the company representative talks to him/her; in such a case the rep can ask him/her suitable time and contact again on that time, which a machine won’t do
  • Only a human can answer the questions of inquisitive guests, like where is the venue, when will the ceremony/reception actually start, is there any arrangement of shuttle and the likes, which a machine cannot answer

In addition to all these benefits, CHAIR4U also avails their clients an additional facility of sending short messages to guests as their Masseroni reminder just the day before the wedding date and also a ‘Thank You’ message after the event to those guests who attended the event. This offers a more intimate touch of attachment and appreciation to the invitations.

If you want that all your guests should be impressed by your feeling of eagerness about their attendance to your wedding use the extremely professional services of CHAIR4U and share the joy of your big day with maximum guests.