Top 3 Tips for Hiring an Emcee for Your Wedding

Top 3 Tips for Hiring an Emcee for Your Wedding

Posted by on Sep 18, 2016 in Wedding tips |

singpore-emcee-lesterMany couples prefer to have a wedding emcee rather than just having a DJ. Some DJ companies even may charge extra for acting as an emcee. So, couples choose to get a proper emcee for their wedding. Getting just the right emcee will make your big day exceptionally fun and entertaining. But you may wonder about what to consider while hiring an emcee. A leading emcee in Singapore, Lester, shares here some tips.

Experience and Skill

Obviously you have to first see how experienced the emcee you are interviewing is. And of course, you should also test his skills. A skilled, knowledgeable and experienced emcee knows how to deal with difficult situation. His main job is to line up the course of events in your ceremony and reception, and keep your guests engaged by entertaining them. So, emcee is a person who can make or break your big day. If he is experienced, he can not only entertain your guests and make them happy, but also can keep the show going come what may to make your event successful.

You have to test his skill because he should not bore your guests. An emcee can be a great entertainer and he should be that. You can check his skills from the recordings of his previous events and also, his references.

Meet Him Personally

If you want the emcee to be great, meet him personally to get an idea about how he would perform. Just by meeting him and observing how he talks, what he does to keep the audience engaged, if he dances or cracks superb jokes, you can know whether he is good or bad. So, rather than talking to him on phone or hiring him directly, choose to meet him personally.

Ask about Rates

It’s better to ask about the rates before hiring an emcee because some emcees ask for higher rates in the wedding season or if they would have to work extra. If you have set a budget for your wedding entertainment and are going to include other entertainments too, it’s better to know about the rate of each of them so as to adjust the rates, negotiate, etc.

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