Top 4 Tips for Wedding Photography in Singapore

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Wedding Photography in SingaporeIf you have chosen Singapore as your wedding destination, it’s a fantastic choice. Or if you are a would-be bride hailing from Singapore, you are fortunate to have such a beautiful country to live in. However, in any case, you should prepare well for your wedding photos. Singapore provides a variety of beautiful settings for an amazing wedding photo shoot. You just have to be ready with the right things and right mood. Here are some tips.

1. Hire a Professional

If you are planning to save money by assigning the job of your wedding photography to a friend or relative, you may be committing a grave mistake. Remember, your wedding photos are things that will last forever, at least for a long time, and therefore they should be exceptionally good and so, you should hire a professional wedding photographer. A professional photographer has the right gear and the much desired experience of how to deal with difficult situations, which an amateur doesn’t have.

2. Find an Appropriate Theme for Developing Your Love Story

Themes like Casual, Elegant and Vintage are popular as love story themes for wedding photography in Singapore. Your first step should be to choose one that suits you and your partner. The theme should be chosen by you both so that both of you can enjoy the photo shoot. Discuss with each other and ask each other’s preferences. Are you both okay with shooting in the scorching sun? Or will you prefer indoor photography or a mix? Respect each other’s choices so that your love story will softly go on rolling in the photos.

3. Choose Props

Right props will spice up your wedding photos. Without props the photos will be bland and boring. Choose the props according to your wedding photo theme. For example, for a vintage theme, choose vintage pieces, like jewelry, statues and even coffee mugs. Flowers are the best props that go well with any theme. How about the flower or bouquet your partner presented to you while proposing you? If you have chosen outdoor photography, the sky’s the limit for you because Singapore has so many beautiful monuments, parks and other spots where you can capture beautiful wedding photos.

have right props

4. Practice Various Poses

Posing perfectly before the camera is one of the toughest parts of your wedding photography because you are not professional models. A solution to this is to find good poses from wedding magazines or websites and practice those poses. Your photographer can also be a lot of help in this. This will ensure that you won’t look weird or boringly plain in your wedding photos and also you won’t have to waste time in thinking about a perfect pose at the time of the photo shoot.

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