Top 6 Tips on What to Wear for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

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think of your partners clothesYou might have seen many engagement photos and now it’s your turn! What had you dreamed about your engagement photos? You must have thought a lot on where you will go for the shoot, in which season, which backdrops you will choose, and more. But did you think about what you will wear? Perhaps, you might have thought of it as a casual matter that you could manage well. However, when it’s about photos, outfits are very important as you should look comfortable as well as stylish in them. Here are some outfit ideas for a successful engagement photography session!

1. Catch the Mood of Your Surroundings

If you have chosen a playful surrounding for your shoot, let it reflect in your clothing too. A pair of jeans, a funky tee and a pair of sneakers will make the photos show your delight.

2. Wear Bright-colored Piece of Attire

Especially if you have chosen summer and a solitary, arid land for your photography, you may choose to wear mute colors on a simple background; but a bright-colored piece of clothing, such as scarf or even a fabulous pair of heels will add the desired charm to your love affair being captured in the camera.

bright colored piece of attire

3. Make a Statement with a Piece of Jewelry

Same is true about a stunning piece of jewelry. You need not keep it aside only for your big day; even your engagement photos deserve its shine and glory!

4. Wear a Wedding Dress Look-alike

Your wedding dress should be worn on your wedding day, of course! But, how about wearing something similar at the engagement photo shoot to indicate the forthcoming enjoyment? A pure white, lacey, romantic  dress is perfect for the engagement photos.

wedding dress look alike

5. Wear Reasonable Clothing for an Active Photo Shoot

Are you planning to have an active photo shoot in a wild setting like a waterfall, hilltop or similar? If you are, a mini dress will be absolutely unreasonable when your beau will lift you and you will swing in his arms! In such a case, if boots and jeans make you feel like yourself, go for it.

6. Think on Your Partner’s Clothes

You shouldn’t forget your partner’s clothes. Discuss with him what he is wearing and choose colors accordingly. Your clothes need not perfectly match his, but at least a little coordination can make wonders.

think of your partners clothes

These amazing tips are shared by Lucas Kraus, a leading Sunshine Coast wedding photographer, who not only photographs your wedding and engagement, but also offers a lot of useful tips on how to look your best in the photos. Visit his site to see his amazing work some of which you can see in this article too.