Top 8 Tips to Choose Bridal Lingerie that will Bring You an Incredibly Happy Married Life

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bridal night gownIf you are considering to buy only the best bridal gown and not the best innerwear, you will be making a serious mistake. Perfect undergarments will make you look your absolute best on your big day. Believe it, bridal lingerie is not just a frilly, blue garter. You can choose from shapewear to stockings and from bras to bustiers to offer that desired edge to your personality. Here are some tips which you should essentially remember while starting shopping for your perfect bridal lingerie.

1. Understand the Difference between Day and Night


When it’s about bridal lingerie there are two obvious types – one you will wear for your ceremony and the other you will wear at night to enjoy privacy with your new husband. For the ceremony in the day, your undergarments should be comfortable and supportive, while at night you will need something totally different and bold. So, you will have to buy these two different types.

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2. Daytime Comfort


During the daytime ceremony, you will require undergarments that will provide you ample comfort and support so as to make you feel confident and secure, rather than sexy. While wearing them you should not feel worried about falling or sagging out of your dress. And you also should not feel irritated with lace chafing your breasts or wires stabbing your sides.


3. Save Sexy Lingerie for Your Wedding Night


You can shop for peignoir sets to look your sexiest but save it for your wedding night. For the night you can choose as many lacy and sheer undergarments as you want. Keep in mind to choose the same color for bra and panty so as to look organized and maximize your sex appeal.


4. Prefer Nude and Plain for the Ceremony and Play with Colors and Details at Night


Your daytime undergarments should ideally match your skin color so that they won’t be visible through your dress. On the other hand, for nighttime, you can play with colors and have maximum fun with your dressing. Ivory or white have a smooth appeal, whereas black is super-sexy. Pastel colors can create a shy look which your husband will enjoy, while intense colors look a little bolder. Also, reserve sheer fabric and details like lace for your nighttime lingerie through which your skin will peek teasingly.

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5. Choose the Right Panty


As mentioned earlier, it’s important to be comfortable during the ceremony and so, ensure you haven’t chosen creeping panties that you will have to adjust from time to time. Better you choose a panty style which you are already aware of and are comfortable with, rather than choosing a new style just for the sake of innovation. Remember your ceremony is not the time for experimenting in this matter.


6. Choose a Bra and Panty that will Create a Smooth Silhouette for the Ceremony


Both your bra and panty you will be wearing for the ceremony should create a smooth silhouette and should not show through. Avoid details like ribbons or laces that could form tiny bumps underneath the smooth fabric of your dress.


7. Pantyhose with a Built-in Panty


Bridal gowns that are particularly slinky or thin may show out a panty line no matter what you choose. However, you can get pantyhose with a built-in panty that may form the smooth line you want.


8. Consider a Thong


Thongs are sexy panties that provide no rear coverage and therefore many women don’t find them comfortable. If you choose one, look for a material like seamless microfiber, cotton or mesh to lessen any potential discomfort.

Bridal lingerie is your opportunity to look seductive on the very first private encounter with your partner to keep him enticed and interested in you for years to come. So, choose it carefully and it will bring you an incredibly happy married life.

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