Wedding Sparkles – A Lovely Send Off

Posted by on Nov 3, 2014 in Wedding tips |

wedding-sparklers-send-offMy dearest brides-to-be, I’m sure you are already planning a grand entrance, but don’t forget a grand exit as well! The first impression is very important, but so is the last. Therefore, you should do it in style by having sparkler send-off! Wedding sparklers are one of the hottest trends nowadays for many reasons. They are a good way to engage your wedding guests and give photographers lovely opportunity to capture some really fun, romantic and memorable shots. Read on to learn how to use sparklers for weddings in the best possible way!

First of all, check with your venue manager just to be sure they allow using sparklers. If they do (and we hope so), they might suggest you where to organize your wedding send-off. Like everything about the wedding ceremony, it has to be planned to the detail.

You need to have an announcement about the sparkler send-off in order to let your guests know what time they should stick around. In case you’ve already planned to use a chalkboard sign at the reception, utilize it by including sparklers send-off and the time. And, when it comes to timing, it’s of high importance. Send-off has to be down after it gets dark. Keep that in mind, especially in the long summer days. The time you select shouldn’t be the exact end time you’ve agreed upon by the venue, but it shouldn’t be too early, too.

heart-sparklersHow many sparklers should you buy? Couples usually overbuy almost everything, including sparklers. Well, order enough sparklers for approximately 3/4 of invitees and you will certainly have more than enough. Not everyone will participate your send-off: some guests will be snapping photos in your boots, some will be at the bathroom, while others will leave early. And, don’t forget to buy enough matches, that’s crucial! And to make it both practical and beautiful, what about ordering personalized matches as wedding favors? Perfect idea, isn’t it?

Finally, make sure your photographer makes many wedding sparkler send-off photos, because those images will be astonishing!