Gold Engagement Ring – You have a Wide Choice

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yellow gold ringUsually while considering engagement and wedding rings, the stone it will hold is given a lot of importance. However, you should also consider the metal in which the stone will be set. After all, without this metal the stone cannot stand alone! Gold engagement rings are very popular today; but how to differentiate between the different gold types? Should it depend on the strength or looks of the metal or is it totally dependent on your personal preference? Let’s see.

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4 Wedding Photography Tips You should Remember if Your Photographer Forgets Them

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annabel law productions wedding photoYou have hired a professional photographer to shoot your big day and you are tremendously happy with your decision, because you have thoroughly examined her/him and are now sure that s/he is the best photographer you could have got. However, even experienced professionals forget things. Here are some such things that are important for your awesome wedding photos but your wedding photographer may forget to tell you. So, better you remember them.

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5 Great Tips from a Professional Photographer to Look Awesome in Your Wedding Photos

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Steve Gerard wedding photography - wedding carWhichever style and theme you choose for your big day, one thing is sure: you want to look fabulous in your wedding photos. While you have chosen the most beautiful wedding dress and accessories, your pose, smile, freshness of face and many such small things matter a lot for your beauty that is to be captured in the photos and going to be treasured for a long, long time. Why not take tips from a photographer himself? Steve Gerard, a leading wedding photographer in Montreal shares tips for our would-be brides to look terrific in their wedding photos.

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Palm Leaf Dinnerware – Perfect for an Environment Conscious Bride

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palm leaf dinnerwareIf you are an environment conscious bride and try to use eco-friendly products whenever possible, you would want to use eco-friendly dinnerware for your reception party. Palm leaf dinnerware is ideal for your reception party. It is absolutely convenient to use and you don’t have to feel guilty of damaging environment by using these plates and bowls. You will be amazed by eco friendly and compostable palm leaf plates. Their experts share with us valuable information on how these plates are made and how we can benefit from them.

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4 Awesome Preparation Photography Tips for Brides

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getting ready photo Cheshire‘Getting ready’ photos have now become almost essential in wedding photos. While spontaneity is the key to capturing natural photos, there can be a lot of planning and thought behind the prep photos in order to make the session awesome. Tobiah Tayo Photography, a leading wedding photographer in Cheshire, shares valuable tips for our brides-to-be to make these initial photos of your wedding album wonderful.

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