Give a Pleasant Surprise to Your Sweetheart with an Outstanding Engagement Ring

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stacking sterling silver birthstone ring with cubic zirconia






A perfect engagement ring is the treasure trove for a bride-to-be and so, the groom-to-be has to plan a lot to find one. What are you planning for your sweetheart? And what about going a bit off the beaten path of diamond, sapphire and ruby rings? If you have come to know that your precious would-be partner is adventurous, trendy and chic, and romantic at the same time, you would like to buy something very unique for her that will make her stand out. Here are some such outstanding engagement rings created by TDN Creations who specialize in earth-friendly artisan silver and gold jewelry!

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Make Your Wedding Memorable with Pure, Handcrafted Soap Party Favors

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seashell soapsWhen your big day is around the corner and you have made all the preparations for it, you may forget a small but essential thing – party favors! Or even if you may not have forgotten them, you may be wondering what to choose as your party favors. I tell you, nothing amazes me more as favors than soaps. I am not talking about the branded soaps manufactured by big companies; I like those simple, hand-crafted soaps that give you a feeling of purity, freshness, rusticity and beauty! I recently came across the Amy Bubbling Boutique where there are a variety of such soaps handcrafted by Amy and her assistants that are just appropriate as wedding favors, bridal shower favors, bachelorette party favors and many more. So, I want to tell you more about them.

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Amazing New Wedding Favor and Décor Ideas

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butterfly cake setsHow do you want the decoration of your wedding? Do you want it minimalist or dazzling? Do you want to show how important the day is for you or do you just want to enjoy it from the bottom of your heart with your near and dear ones and so, want a subdued yet pleasant decoration? Any way you want it, you will get it at which is a great place to offer you awesome wedding favors, decoration elements and other beautiful wedding supplies. Here are some of them.

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Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation – Important Things You Should Know

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cleaning and preserving wedding gownThough the precious possession called your dream wedding dress is going to be confined in a box in your closet and will hardly be taken out after your big day, it doesn’t mean that it should not be neat, clean, tidy and well-preserved. In fact, it will act as a reminder of the best memories in your life and so, you will have to preserve it well. Here are some most useful tips for wedding dress cleaning and preservation.

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6 Amazing Entertainment Ideas for Your Big Day

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Yes Entertainmnet - magician






Wedding entertainment is of immense importance when the wedding couple cares for their guests. If you want your guests (and yourself too) amused all the time and not bored, you can become a bit creative and use a few amazing ideas to entertain your guests. Experts at, a company specialized in wedding and corporate entertainment in London share some fantastic ideas for keeping your guests amused all through your big day.

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8 Awesome Wedding Photography Tips for Cool, Natural Photos

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wedding photography AurumPhotoA lot has been changed in wedding photos. In the times of our parents and grandparents, wedding photos were something to be staring at the camera, not letting yourself blink, have everything like hair, dress etc neat while posing before the camera and have a ‘smile’ on the face! Today, couples prefer more relaxed, more casual and more natural photos! Brides don’t mind crying before the camera. Grooms don’t have an objection on being caught in their underpants during wedding prep photos and even guests are more open to look natural rather than ‘only beautiful’! If you too want such a relaxed atmosphere in your wedding photos, Jevgenija Pigozne at the leading Oxford wedding photography company, AurumPhoto, shares valuable tips for brides on how to get awesome wedding photos.

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