6 Awesome Bridal Hair Extension Tips

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Brazilian blonde virgin hair at New Star Virgin HairIf you are a bride-to-be with thin hair and so, are worried about your bridal hair style, there’s good news for you – you can wear hair extensions! If you are not sure about whether your hair will look natural and beautiful with extensions, here are tips with which you can achieve a fabulous bridal hair-do.

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9 Exciting Tips to Make the Most of Your Wedding Catering

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making the most of your wedding cateringIf you have started planning your wedding, you might have realized by now that the biggest amount will be consumed by your wedding catering. And, why not? After all, you want your guests to be perfectly happy with a culinary extravaganza that will look and taste nice. Of course, the wedding decoration, entertainment and other components of your big day are also important; but the final truth is that the way to a man’s (& woman’s too, in this case) heart is through his and her stomach, with a little change to the popular saying! All in all, your wedding would be remembered mainly by awesome food.

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Top Tips to Find a Wedding Photographer that can Guide You

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pastel bride bouquet by Vivian PhotographyWhile finding a photographer to shoot your big day, you may consider points like the photographer’s previous work, how efficiently s/he uses lighting and compositions, and more of such things. But it’s also important to see how well s/he gets along with you. Do you feel comfortable with her/him? Can you ask her/him any silly questions and does s/he reply them without getting irritated? If the photographer is such that you feel as if you are dealing with your friend, you can say that you’ve got the right photographer.

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Benefits of an Online Wedding Registry

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facebook_brides2_finalWeddings are fun and beautiful, but they do require lots of planning and organizing. Most couples who are getting married and setting up a new place to live need so many things. Do they really have enough time to go to several stores to find products for their wedding registry? In most cases the answer is negative. But, luckily, coming up with a list of desired gifts nowadays only requires a few hours of time and an Internet connection.

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