4 Awesome Preparation Photography Tips for Brides

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getting ready photo Cheshire‘Getting ready’ photos have now become almost essential in wedding photos. While spontaneity is the key to capturing natural photos, there can be a lot of planning and thought behind the prep photos in order to make the session awesome. Tobiah Tayo Photography, a leading wedding photographer in Cheshire, shares valuable tips for our brides-to-be to make these initial photos of your wedding album wonderful.

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4 Amazing Tips for Buying Perfect Wedding Flowers in Singapore

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Keira FloralFlowers are of immense importance in any auspicious event; obviously, in weddings they are essential. A Singapore wedding is not an exception. However, with the ever rising prices of flowers, decorating her venue with wedding bouquet in Singapore is quite challenging for a bride on budget. However, there are a few easy solutions to this issue. Here are some such tips that will allow you to have a great flower decoration with a limited budget.

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What does Your Wedding Planner Expect from You?

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wedding planning tipsCongratulations on getting engaged! You are now probably busy thinking whether to hire a wedding planner or not. If you really are, let me tell you, hiring one will make your life tremendously easy. She will look after all the things and you will feel that it’s indeed your day. You won’t have to worry about anything – she will negotiate with and hire (other) vendors, make your guest list, send invites, save-the-dates and RSVP and set everything in budget. However, there are certain things that you will have to provide to your wedding planner – after all, it’s your wedding! Jennifer Matteo, a leading Sarasota Wedding Planner, divulges here what a wedding planner expects from a bride.

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5 Awesome Tips to Look Gorgeous in Your Wedding Photos

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annabel law productions wedding photoWhich bride doesn’t want to look the most gorgeous of all women in the world on her wedding day? Every bride wants! However, the question is how to do that. Surely a photographer knows that well. Here’s a leading female wedding photographer, Annabel, sharing valuable tips with our would-be brides on how to look the most beautiful in their wedding photos.

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What Can You Expect from a Truly Talented Wedding Photographer?

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Cincinnati wedding photographerFor most brides, wedding photography is an important part of the big day, while a few brides may undergo a stress of standing before the camera of a professional photographer and looking the best of themselves. If you are camera-shy, things may become even more difficult as you feel awkward and look uncomfortable in the photos. Along with questions like whether the cake will arrive on time, whether the DJ will play just the right songs and whether the reception will take place perfectly, you should not have an additional stress of whether you would look good in your wedding photos. A leading Cincinnati wedding photographer shares here tips on what to expect from your wedding photographer.

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Give a Pleasant Surprise to Your Sweetheart with an Outstanding Engagement Ring

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stacking sterling silver birthstone ring with cubic zirconia






A perfect engagement ring is the treasure trove for a bride-to-be and so, the groom-to-be has to plan a lot to find one. What are you planning for your sweetheart? And what about going a bit off the beaten path of diamond, sapphire and ruby rings? If you have come to know that your precious would-be partner is adventurous, trendy and chic, and romantic at the same time, you would like to buy something very unique for her that will make her stand out. Here are some such outstanding engagement rings created by TDN Creations who specialize in earth-friendly artisan silver and gold jewelry!

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