Choosing the Right Indian Wedding Photographer

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candid wedding photography by ShaadiGraPherFor Indian girls, wedding is like an entrance to another life. They officially leave their father’s home and start living anew with their husband. No wonder, an Indian bride and her loved ones love to watch this important moment again and again in form of wedding photos. Therefore, it is important to capture the course of the day through candid wedding photography, making each and every moment fun, to be enjoyed for years to come. While choosing photographer, you can consider some things to ensure that s/he will do your job just the way you want.

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Get Inspired by Relationship Quotes

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I Love You QuotesIt may seem a stale statement that love is divine! But it is actually as fresh as a flower. When love emerges in our mind, we learn humanity. Our mind becomes beautiful, kind, generous and noble. However, this has another facet too. We want a reciprocation of our love! We want that the person whom we are in love with should also love us. Sometimes we express our love without fear. But most of us are not that courageous and are scared of the possibility of getting rejected. has a number of beautiful quotes that describes the relationship of love, its development and progress, our emotions, our fears, our excitement and much more.

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How to Do Gel Nails Yourself to Look Stunning on Your Big Day

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gel nails for brideGel nails, a comparatively new type of bridal beauty aid, has quickly become one of the most popular services on the market. The main reason why brides prefer gel polish to the recently decreased acrylics is because Gel is thinner and more flexible and doesn’t chip as easily, so, convenient to sustain for the entire day. Therefore, doing gel nails will ensure that the polish stays on and you completely continue to look fabulous throughout your big day.

You might feel however that gel nails are hard to do. But the truth is you can easily learn how to do gel nails yourself, saving you countless trips to the salon.

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Fantastic Indian Wedding Photographs You will Enjoy Seeing and Showing for Years

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FOTOSHAADI ritualsIndian weddings are famous for their colorfulness, excitement, pomp and true warmth! No wonder, photography is an important part of an Indian wedding. Photographing an Indian wedding is an enchanting experience for the photographer because of the many types of events involved in it, like exchanging vows before the sacred fire, chanting of mantras, Kanyadaan, exchanging garlands, Sindoor, Phere, Mangalsutra, and many more. Besides, as India is a melting pot of numerous cultures, the rituals vary from a slight to a large extent. Covering an Indian wedding is therefore a challenging, yet an equally fun task. is a team of some of the best wedding photographers in India who ensure to capture all the candid moments and warm emotions for you to treasure them for a lifetime.

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Destination Weddings in Dominican Republic – Just the Fairytale Wedding of Your Dreams

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Dominican Republic beach weddingIf you want an extremely romantic getaway for your fairytale destination wedding, consider Dominican Republic! This is the second largest nation in the Caribbean and just perfect for engagements, weddings and honeymoons. Having a lovely coastline of almost one thousand miles featuring pristine beaches and a multitude of dreamy villas, hotels, resorts and other wedding venues, Dominican Republic offers you just the place you dreamed about to tie the knot. Dominican Republic weddings are characterized by an old world charm and romance, and astounding natural beauty, along with professional wedding planning services to give you the desired relaxation, peace of mind and a true enjoyment of your big day.

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Fall in Love with Your Best Friend and You will Live Together Happily Ever After

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BF quoteWhat is your motivation for falling in love? Is it just an infatuation that you want a girl friend or boy friend, because all your friends have one? Or have you actually fallen in love with “love” and not a person? Are you dreaming of marrying your sweetheart and living together happily ever after? If yes, think a little more maturely. I don’t want to discourage you, but have you ever thought that the momentary attraction which you feel towards your darling when you are not always with each other can diminish after wedding when you will have to see each other’s faces daily? Check the basis of your relationship – is it just a bodily attraction or you are in love because of your partner’s educational, financial, professional or any such high status? Or you are in love because your partner is your best friend? If latter is the case, your marriage is going to last forever! That’s what these time-tested falling in love with your best friend quotes say!

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Make the Most of Your Single Status and Big Day

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poptopIf you have got engaged, it’s time now to make the most of your single status before you take on the responsibilities as a married person. And a great way to do it is partying! A great hen or stag party can be arranged with the help of a right organizer. I recommend with whom you can arrange great events and get a great value of your money.

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Choosing a Wedding Photographer – Personality Does Matter

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wedding photographer personalityAlthough almost every girl dreams about her wedding day, planning that special event is not an easy task. Picking the right wedding photographer can be especially tricky. With all those astonishing wedding images, different photography styles and wedding packages, many couples forget probably the most important consideration: wedding photographer’s personality. We have asked AIPP accredited photographer from Australia (visit for more information) why it is important to like your photographer as a person. Here’s what we have found out!

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