Planning Your Wedding While Sticking To Your Budget

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planning your weddingYou might dream of a fairytale wedding, but what is the most important component of your wedding is your budget. This is the point where your dreams will clash with reality, but it will also teach you to be practical. There is no set budget for weddings; it depends on you, your tastes and your family. Things become complicated when they include the tastes and priorities of the other family, viz. your groom’s. Check out this post on the 7 totally normal thoughts you’ll have while planning your wedding. In short, the thought of planning your wedding while sticking to the budget is quite daunting. Here are some tips.

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Types of Wedding DJs – Choose the Right One for Your Big Day

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Hochzeit DJIf you have planned before long that your wedding entertainment will be provided by a DJ, it’s better to understand a little more about DJs, than you were previously knowing. Doing this, you will ensure to take a more educated decision regarding your particular needs. You enjoyed the music by DJs a lot in your friends’ weddings and have planned to have a DJ for your wedding too; but do you know that there are many types of DJs? If you are surprised to hear that, you will find the information given here interesting.

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Asian Wedding Photography – Professional Photo Studio Right In the Reception

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asian wedding photography You might have heard of, seen and enjoyed wedding photo booths a lot of times. But recently I came across a still newer and fantastic idea – a fully professional photo studio right in the wedding reception! These are temporary, but capture your great photos. These are one of the few Pellier Noir trained and licensed photography teams in the UK,

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Wedding Gift Ideas – Gift Happiness and Receive Appreciation!

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daisies silk flower arragemnetWedding is the most unforgettable and special moment for the wedding couple. But it is also a fun moment for the family, friends and guests, because of the wedding gifts. A wedding is like a festival where everyone gets nice gifts, along with a lot of gourmet food and dance; in short, it’s a celebration. Here are some beautiful gift ideas, like aromatherapy gifts, silk flower arrangements, and many more, for both – the wedding couple who have to choose nice wedding favors, and the guests and family who want to gift the wedding couple. All these fantastic gift ideas and images are courtesy to

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Well-planned Shopping of Wedding Supplies for a Perfect Wedding

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Forever & Always Crystal Double Heart Bouquet JewelIf you want your big day to be perfect, you should have a perfect plan. And the main part of a perfect plan is shopping for wedding supplies. Every small and big thing, from the flower girl’s shoes to your wedding rings, should be chosen with care, so that you can have a perfect wedding. Here I would like to mention about a fantastic bridal shop which is keen in providing you all wedding accessories and supplies. They ship all items within 1 to 3 days, that too for free! They have an extensive variety of bridal wear and other wedding supplies like tiaras, veils, curtains, chandeliers, and much more. Here are some tips on how you should choose your wedding accessories that will suit your needs from such a diverse range.

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Muslim Bridal Dresses – Richness, Elegance and Beauty

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satin embroidery long sleeve wedding gown floor length ball gownA Muslim wedding is one of the most colorful affairs where the bride is covered with extremely rich, bright and graceful clothes, makeup and jewelry. Muslim bridal dresses are fully covered and are formed of layering, of smooth, shimmering materials like silk and satin. One common thing occurring in Muslim wedding dresses anywhere in the world is modesty. The specialty of these dresses is despite being traditional they don’t lack even a bit in glamour. Here are some tips to choose a Muslim bridal dress along with some ravishing dresses by – a complete Muslim bridal shop featuring an extensive variety in bridal dresses, jewelry, hijabs, invitation cards and more.

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Wedding Garters – Feel Like World’s Most Beautiful and Most Stylish Bride

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SG custom colours wedding gartersCongratulations, you are engaged! You are preparing for your big day now. You must have chosen your dress (the most important element), your shoes, jewelry, hairstyle, makeup, and everything else, and you might be thinking that you are almost ready. But have you thought about wedding garters? Believe me, garter is one of the most romantic keepsake that you would like to cherish forever, and will remind you of the most special day of your life. Here are some things to consider while choosing your wedding garters.

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What Can (and Cannot) Your Wedding Planner Do for You?

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wedding planner torontoA wedding planner is no longer a luxury; it has become a necessity. Since couples have their own busy professions and schedules, taking time out for wedding chores is a tough task and therefore, a professional wedding planner is handy. However, if the bride expects that the wedding planner does every little chore of hers, she might be expecting too much from the planner. There are some chores your planner will do for you, while there are some which she won’t or can’t. Let’s take a look at them.

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