Make Your Presence Grand with a Striking Red Dress in a Singaporean Wedding

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net dressThe Western tradition of white bridal dresses arrived in Singapore just recently. But the traditional Singaporean (rather Chinese) bridal dress is beautiful bright red and is called qun kua, popularly known as just kua. It symbolizes good fortune and joy for the auspicious ceremony. These days the traditional red dresses are making an entry again in Singapore weddings.

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5 Amazing Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

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Social Photo BoothIf you have always looked at life casually and hate being formal, you may hate standing before your wedding photographer’s camera in a traditional pose wearing a fake smile or solemn expressions. What can you do in that case? Hire a photo booth! Photo booth photos are the most natural and whimsical where you can go just wild with your friends, family and sweetheart! Of course, there is no alternative to a wedding photographer, because photo booth cannot catch your ceremony’s photos. But if you add a photo booth, you and your guests can come out with your true self before the camera and those photos will be much sought after. Here are some fun photo booth ideas for you.

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3 Tips on Saving Money On Your Big Day

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TTS_Banner_imageNowadays the average cost of a wedding in US is over $15,000. But, is it possible to have the best day ever without spending a small fortune? Luckily, we would like to present you 3 easy tips to save money on your dream day without compromising it.

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Turn Your Big Day into A Melodious Heaven

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andy lawton on keysHiring a jazz band for your wedding entertainment is a great idea. Any other music can hardly beat the beats of jazz on your big day! The music is the one which creates the party atmosphere by making your guests head to the dance floor. The sophistication and swing of current jazz has a strong appeal that can captivate everyone’s mind. If you are wondering about how to choose one that will fit perfectly to your event, here are some tips.

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Wedding Tuxedo Rental – Be the Most Handsome Groom at the Best Price

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rainwaters black rental tuxedoA wedding is an affair which needs cent percent perfection; still things can go wrong. Here you need to know about things you can control and one of the most important things in your control is to ensure that the tuxedos of groom and other wedding party members have been ordered and will arrive in time. Here a nice option is to rent the tuxedos. E.g. is a men’s store that stocks their own high quality tuxedos and rents them for weddings. Once you place an order, you won’t have to worry about the delivery. You can find such a wedding tuxedo rental for your big day that will guarantee you that things are in your control.

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Create Fragrant Wedding Memories by Tying the Knot in Hawaii

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hawaii wedding photographyIf you are a romantic couple and are looking for an equally romantic destination to tie the knot, what else can it be than Hawaii? The six islands of Hawaii are some of the most charming and fascinating places in the world which are perfect for saying “I do”. These heavenly islands with their tranquil beaches, soft sand, turquoise water, floral fragrance in the air and that entire island environment provide the perfect setting for the most amazing wedding photos and videos. Hawaii presents innumerable spots for wedding photography. Here we have selected three of the loveliest beaches in Hawaii which you would love to consider for your Hawaii wedding and its photos.

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