10 Golden Tips to Create Your Dream Team of Wedding Vendors

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Although it’s your big day, you’ll need a lot of people to make it real big and fantastic, and that’s top-notch vendors. Your wedding vendors are going to spend numerous hours helping you and your partner solidify your vision, executing all of the details as per your plan and if something goes wrong at the last minute, they will step in to smooth things over so you have the sweet memories of the day for the rest of your life. Here are tips on how to find wedding vendors that are best for your budget, style and personality.

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Top 5 Points You Should Consider to Get Your Dream Wedding Band

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deer hunting wedding ring

Although there is a lot of discussion over engagement rings, it’s the wedding bands that should be your prime center of attention as they form a major part of your ring aesthetics; heck, they represent your love! But if you’re still unsure about where to start the shopping of your wedding bands, while your big day is around the corner, let us help you out. Here are a few tips.

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4 Excellent Engagement Photography Ideas

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Paris engagement photographer

Engagement photography is even more interesting than actual wedding photography. It’s because there’s no pressure of wedding timelines and the photographer and wedding couple can know each other better and that helps break the ice between them, so that the future photography session on the big day becomes much smoother. Also, the photographer can play with new ideas to see how the couple would look in the photos and then if they work, they can try them on the big day to get photos that everyone would admire. Vice versa, if the couple doesn’t like the ideas or photos, they can refrain from applying them on the big day. Furthermore, the couple gets used to the camera and also, can use engagement photos everywhere, from their wedding site to wedding invites.

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4 Excellent Tips to Customize Your Engagement Ring

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Engagement Rings in Canada

Gone are the days when a person had to choose an engagement ring from the limited designs available at a retail jewelry store. These are the days of customized engagement rings! You can buy your choice of ring for your fiancé and present yourself as an ideal life partner. Confused about where to start? Here are some tips to help you out.

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8 Beautiful Locations in Copenhagen Perfect for Wedding Photography

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Wedding Photography Copenhagen

When it comes to wedding destinations, there are so many options to celebrate your big day. But one of the most popular wedding destinations is Copenhagen, for good reason. The Danish capital is not only extremely beautiful, but also offers a hassle-free wedding process. Plus, there are numerous locations in Copenhagen, where you’d love to capture your wedding photos. And then in the coming years of your married life, you can watch your wedding album which will evoke heavenly memories. Let’s enlist some of the most beautiful locations in Copenhagen perfect for wedding photography.

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Why Should You Choose a Camouflage Wedding Ring Set for Your Big Day?

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pink camouflage wedding ring se

Wedding rings are the most valuable pieces of jewelry for a bride and a groom. Wedding rings made from precious metals and gemstones certainly look beautiful and as they are expensive, one could be proud to wear them. However, they are not ideal for daily wear. Especially, if the wife or husband is in a business that needs some hard jobs to be done, there’s always a risk of breaking down, fading or soiling of the precious rings. Still, the couple needs rings that are no less beautiful than the traditional precious rings. Here’s where the camouflage wedding rings step in.

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